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Big Brother 8: Seems Rigged to Me

Posted by Mike on August 16, 2007

Dustin was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight by a vote of 4-2 and is now the first member of the jury who will ultimately determine the winner. Fellow nominee Evil Dick survives and re-joins the other seven remaining contestants to compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

Many viewers were shocked at the result but internet message boards saw it coming, especially when it began to appear that CBS was trying to manipulate the result. Although CBS has long been suspected of using diary room interviews to subtly influence voting, many now believe the network has crossed the line into outright vote rigging. This video of Jen discussing the situation with Amber seems to confirm those suspicions.

As does this video of Jen and Jessica.

It is true that America’s Player Eric had to both vote and campaign for Dustin’s eviction due to online voting. Fair enough. However, many think that CBS tampered with the voting by reprimanding America’s Player for not campaigning forcefully enough against Dustin. The fact that he “did a 180” and stepped up his campaigning immediately after leaving the diary room was seen by many as evidence of CBS skullduggery.

Many internet fans also speculated last week that CBS was up to something when Kail was evicted instead of Eric. At the time, I gave CBS the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. Last week, the last-minute turn of events coincidentally saved their America’s Player twist; and this week’s “unpredictable” events kept the controversial Evil Dick in the house and on the television screen.

CBS claims that their show is produced by Alison Grodner even though it now looks more like a Mary Mapes production. I suppose I could continue to watch this CBS program, but I’d Rather not.

UPDATE: For those still watching this crap, Daniele is the new HOH.


4 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Seems Rigged to Me”

  1. Ryan said

    I was absolutely pissed off by tonight’s events. Dick verbally assaults those who get in his way and this vote rewarded that behavior, punishing the “churchy”-types in Dustin’s alliance, namely Jameka and Amber. I said that if Dustin goes home I’m going to boycott the show for a week out of protest since I think Dick is an abusive thug that needs therapy or a good kick in the ass… maybe a bit of both!

    But these diary-room coaching revelations indicate something more sinister that I cannot ignore. Eric should have gone home last week, but uh oh, CBS loses “America’s player” and active viewer participation. Dick should have gone home this week, but uh oh, CBS loses the slimebag ratings getter. So they both miraculously get the votes to stay. If Jen hadn’t spilled the beans on diary room shinanigans then I wouldn’t feel so conspiratorial, but CBS seems like they’re rigging this game.

    Also, the last three seasons were much better– I started watching regularly in Season 5. The gimmicks were coy, but the surprises were genuine, the editing didn’t seem to favor one group over another consistently and there was no “America’s player” nonsense turning Big Brother into its inferior European counterpart. It seems like CBS tried to protect that gimmick at the expense of the gameover the last few weeks. That’s why I think this season’s not been nearly as good as the last three and I may not end my boycott this year.

  2. Anon said

    The live feeds are boring now that Dustin is gone. Yeah, I think Jen is onto everything. Rumour has it she knows about America’s Player too. I think she finds the whole thing a joke. At first I wanted Dick to stay, but he’s boring now.

  3. Ryan said

    Predictably, Jen was booted off the August 23rd show. She was on to their shadiness from the start and was put up on the block as a “penalty” for ruining Dick’s smokes. So it continues.

  4. hi said

    i agree♥

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