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Jenna’s Gettin’ Hitched!!!

Posted by Ryan on August 16, 2007

The party-girl Bush twin, Jenna (25), is engaged to wed 29-year-old Henry Hager.  They’ve been dating since at least the 2005 Inaugural balls, where he was first seen in public with Jenna.  Hager is the son of Virginia’s former Lieutenant Governor and is in his second year of graduate school at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.  Jenna is a school teacher, according to the article.  That must be strange, having the President’s daughter as your teacher. 

Good for Jenna and congratulations!  It’s also less of a shock to me because I fancy her sister Barbara more.  Barbara being off the market would have really hit deep.  Barbara just seems less party, more business, prettier, more focused and brighter than her sister.  Plus, she looks more like her mom.  

Here is Barbara with her sister:

Washington Post pic on top, and pic second.


One Response to “Jenna’s Gettin’ Hitched!!!”

  1. Chris said

    Best to Jenna! Sad to hear she’s off the market as I prefer Jenna over Barbara. Despite the image the media drew of her (party girl, the Julia Stiles/Jenna/SNL impression, “Jenna is more like her father,” etc.) she surprised them all as she will be the first to walk down the aisle…good for her.

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