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Trouble Picking a “Flawed” Candidate

Posted by Ryan on August 16, 2007

On yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh radio program, Karl Rove stopped by the EIB Network for Advanced Conservative Studies to chat with El Rushbo.  CNN picked up the story and added some responses to Rove’s allegations.  What Rove did was he referred to She Who Must Not be Named as a “fatally flawed” candidate and that once she gets the Democrat nomination, she will lose next year because of it.  Quite bold. 

SWMNBN got the typical folks to go out there to combat Rove’s point of view by saying he’s writing O’Bama’s talking points… of course ignoring the substance of Rove’s argument.  Rove points out that no one in polling history has ever come into a campaign with negatives as high as SWMNBN.  This makes sense but I disagree with one point:  SWMNBN is already so well known by the American people that she is essentially running as an incumbant in my opinion.  So, I think one must look at incumbancy numbers a year before an election before the fatality of the flaw can fully be judged.  Was Bush’s negative numbers in the high 40s in 2004 like SWMNBN is today?  It’s an important angle to explore.  But I also disagree with one of SWMNBN’s campaign guys saying that these negatives will go down once we get to know SWMNBN.  The American people already know her so her numbers are not apt to change as time goes on.  If you don’t like her now, you’re not apt to like her next year either. 


2 Responses to “Trouble Picking a “Flawed” Candidate”

  1. Chris said

    SWMNBN had quite a Seinfeld moment in that pic….and it was definitely a pick and not a scratch.

  2. al said

    The thing I fear most is that this country is DUMB enough to elect a person as flawed as Ms. Clinton. God help us if we elect her AND a Democratic congress. The Ameaica we have know and loved will be down the tubes!

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