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Tony Snow is Leaving

Posted by Ryan on August 17, 2007

White House spokesman and former Fox News Radio guru Tony Snow is leaving his job.  Not because of his recurring colon cancer, but because of the money.  He earned plenty more cash in the private sector and as a 52 year old father of three with cancer he’d rather make more money while he can.  I can’t blame him.  He said he loved being White House spokesman, but it’s only a measely $168,000 a year.  That’s a lot to you and I, but with someone of his reputation and talents, it’s a no brainer.  Prestige only goes so far in today’s market with Snow’s specific circumstances.  Plus, if he wants to spread the conservative message, he won’t be bound by the Administration and more people will listen to his talk show daily than would ever see him on TV.  It’s good all around.

I liked Ari Fleischer the best of the Bush spokesmen.  I thought Scott McClellan was the worst person to be in front of the cameras at the worst possible time– not forceful or very articulate at a time when the press was in open revolt on Iraq and Bush’s impending reelection.  We could have used Tony Snow then to spread the good word.  If the President’s not going to talk to us directly, then someone like Tony Snow should take the mantle, and did for the last 18 months or so.  He will be missed and we hope his health improves greatly in his absense.  Good luck, Tony!

Fox News photo.

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Mitt Wins Illinois Straw Poll

Posted by Ryan on August 17, 2007

What does Mitt Romney’s victory in yesterday’s Illinois straw poll mean?  Clearly he has a statewide organization that can get out the vote this early to lead him to victory with an impressive 40.4%.  Some will say that these early straw polls really don’t mean anything, but in some ways I think this does. 

Romney would be an ominously a strong candidate if people knew who he was.  He more conservative than Giuliani, he’s more stable than McCain, and he’s more polished than Fred Thompson.  Yes, he’s a Mormon, but people will look past that once he gets the opportunity to articulate a response to the issue that people actually hear.  Most telephone polls at this point reflect name recognition and media play, but when Iowa and Illinois Republicans show up to cast actual votes, they’ve chosen Romney twice now.  It means that when the primaries and caucuses get into full swing, Mitt will show up as a candidate people are familiar with, at least in these two states, forcing his opponents to possible spend money where they do not want to.  Alas, the RPC average still has Romney pulling fourth place at 11.4% nationally, but we all know that politics is local during the primaries and Mitt’s competition better start showing up to these kinds of things– hint, hint Rudy and Smeagol.

Here’s how the vote went in Illinois:

40.35% — Mitt Romney

19.95% — Fred “Not Yet a Candidate but Rockin’ the Field” Thompson

18.87% — Libertarian Ron Paul

11.61% — Rudy Giuliani

4.12% — Smeagol

3.04% — Mike Huckabee

1.08% — Sam Switchback

0.65% — Vice President Duncan Hunter

0.33% — Tom “One Issue” Tancredo

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