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Michael Deaver Dies at 69

Posted by Ryan on August 19, 2007

Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff from 1981-1985, Michael Deaver, died of pancreatic cancer yesterday at the age of 69.  For anyone who doesn’t know, pancreatic cancer is extremely painful and there is no known cure or ways to slow it down once it is entrenched.  Deaver was a brilliant manipulator of President Reagan’s surroundings and image, and one of the few people that Nancy Reagan trusted fully.  While not too delving too in depth with day-to-day policy matters, he helped carry Reagan’s “Great Communicator” reputation a little bit further by selecting venues, settings and choice photo ops for the former President.  But there was more to Reagan than image, there was a message that resonated with the people, judgin by two huge electoral landslides in 1980 and 1984, ostensibly recreating a real, distinguishable two-party system in America.  Deaver selected the D-Day 40th Anniversary venue at Point-du-Hoc, and the controversial Bitburg wreath laying in West Germany a few years later.  His four books added depth to what we knew about the daily activities of the Reagan Administration and his perspective and stories will be surely missed.

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