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Brown’s Bubble Could Burst if Promise Is Broken

Posted by Mike on August 20, 2007

Gordon Brown has been riding high in the polls ever since he moved into Downing Street despite ignoring the source of the attempted terrorist attacks on his country. In fact, Brown is doing so well that many of our British friends believe that a snap election may be called sometime soon.  Labour should not be planning their victory party so soon however.  Although David Cameron’s Conservatives have been unable to make so much as a dent in Labour’s lead, Gordon Brown may still be his party’s undoing.

Although the Labour government is more popular than at any point during its third term, it now appears that Brown is displaying the same kind of arrogance that led to Labour’s plummeting popularity in the first place. Despite promising a referendum on the unpopular EU Constitution, the Labour government now appears poised to pass the Constitution without bothering to hold their promised referendum. This is hardly surprising considering the previous referenda in other countries rejecting the Constitution. Even the French under Chirac sent a resounding “non” when asked if they wanted to be surrender their sovereignty.

Polls in the UK show that even those who would support the EU Constitution believe that the government should hold its promised referendum. If Gordon Brown goes through with his plan to ram the Constitution through Parliament despite his party’s promise to listen to the people, his bounce may disappear; that is, if the Conservatives play their cards right.

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Rove in the Hot Seat

Posted by Ryan on August 20, 2007

Karl Rove, a major contributing factor to Bush Derangement Syndrome, made the rounds on the Sunday talk circuit yesterday, appearing on nearly every major talk show: “FNS”, “Meet the Depressed”, and “Deface the Nation”. His appearance on Fox News Sunday was the one that I caught and there were no real softballs coming from Wallace (a registered Democrat) except for the Rove-Rap clip. Rove downplayed the 2006 Election as being a typical second-term midterm election, he reiterated that She Who Must Not Be Named is going to be a problem for her party once she gets the nomination, and he refused Chris Wallace’s invitation to add more to the public record about Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson while noting that if leaking her name was a crime, Patrick Fitzgerald would have arrested Richard Armitage after questioning him.On top of that, Rove said that the GOP is in a good position for next year if SWMNBN is the nominee and the Dems still have approval ratings in the 20s. He also addressed an issue that I had about SWMNBN being like an incumbent since so many people already know her, so what were Bush’ numbers like in 2004? He said that Bush’s negative numbers were not nearly as low as SWMNBN’s numbers are now. I like optimism, but the party needs a leader willing to lead and a message that will resonate with the American people.

I also think it’s kind of funny how those affected with BDS truly and deeply hate Karl Rove. He’s only a political advisor who out smarted them, but it needed not be so– they just made it so easy. The Wellstone Funeral? Too easy. Nominating John Kerry? Also, too easy. But where have the victories been since Katrina in August/September 2005? I guess anything short of impeachment or assassination will do for those people. I have trouble understanding how people can harbor such hatred all the time! But it is entertaining to watch.

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