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Michelle O’Bama’s Clean House…

Posted by Ryan on August 21, 2007

…is apparently cleaner than She Who Must Not Be Named’s house according to these recent comments which include, “if you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House.”  While not a specific swipe at SWMNBN by name, it can and will certainly be taken as a swipe at the former Victim-in-Chief.  She has a point when looking to court values voters– how many of them are Democrats, we’ll just have to wait and see.  This is also the message some conservatives have been muttering quietly (though sometimes not) about the current Republican frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani and his personal issues that are guaranteed to distract from the race if he wins the Republican primaries. 

Also, Michelle O’Bama touches on the perceived culture of fear that has been, in her mind, the result of Republican mongering and policies — apparently not from the evildoers on a mission from Allah to kill every American they can find.  Some criticized her for being to light in her comments thus far in the campaign.  The criticism will not be taken by SWMNBN’s camp as a low blow that shows desparation, it’ll mean open season on Barry O’Bama and his family, even though Barry trails her by an insurmountable amount.  However, a healthy amount of mud being thrown, however indirectly, is good for the Dems and the general public to see.

H/T Drudge.

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Michael Vick’s Guilty Plea

Posted by Ryan on August 21, 2007

This Fox Sports editorial by Kevin Hench really makes the point about Michael Vick’s guilty plea in the dogfighting scandal.  Once his friends turned on him, there was nothing left for him to do.  Now his career is officially in shambles.  Perhaps when this is all over he can fall back on whatever his Virginia Tech college degree was in… oh that’s right, he left as a sophomore.

So what now?  Will the sentence fit the crime?  I’m not sure.  Lately we’ve had judges who’ve gotten their jollies in either slamming or going easy on high-profile celebrities who have committed a crime.  For some, the plea deal will go too easy on him, to others too harsh.  I’d like to see him do some time (12-18 months would be nice), pay a fine ($250,000 would seem fair) and go through humiliating community service (in an orange jump suit if possible).  However, on top of that, I really want his career to end.  He’s sick man and needs to be made an example of as a deterrent to other sports celebrities.

AP photo.

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Janeane Garofalo’s Joining “24”?

Posted by Ryan on August 21, 2007

As if things weren’t ominous enough for the impending seventh season of “24”, word comes out that Janeane Garofalo is joining the cast.  “24” Season 7 begins shooting on September 10, but I’m getting less and less excited about that.  Not only are they going “green”, but they’re having a female President the same year that She Who Must Not Be Named is running for the real presidency, and now they add the leftist wack-job, former co-host of the doomed Air-America Radio and increasingly fringe nut who hasn’t been funny since 1993, Garofalo to the mix.  Prospects for Season 7 are slipping every time word comes out about the new season.  They’re supposed to be trying some new things this season to keep it fresh since Season 6 ended with a thud, but their fixes sound very PC, confusing, and certainly not encouraging to fans like me.  Maybe next season will be great, but it’s increasingly looking like the shark will have been sufficiently jumped by season’s end.

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