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Democrat Dilemma on Iraq

Posted by Ryan on August 22, 2007

This Washington Post article basically lays out the Dems political problems on Iraq:  the Surge is working.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been pretty adamant about us losing the war over there, but it turns out not to be so.  But, since the Dems have seen Iraq as one big political calculation since long before the war, they have to “refocus” their message.  We’re bound to see less “cut-and-run” and more whining about the lack of political progress in the run up to General Petraeus’ initial report on September 11.  Then, who knows?  They may even pick off a few wimpy RINOs along the way.

And they wonder why the American people are leary of them on Iraq: yesterday the war’s a failure, today they need to “refocus”, tomorrow they’ll starting picking on the lack of political progress in Iraq, and who knows where they’d go next?  Even al Maliki is getting impatient with Democrats, who complain about the lack political progress at the same time they work to undermine it. 

The candiates are all over the map too, trying to angle defeat on every single victory.  Barry O’Bama asked for 30,000 more troops in Baghdad.  She Who Must Not Be Named has been all over the map on Iraq, but she says the Surge is working.  The Breck Girl, probably speaking on behalf of his wife, actually said that SWMNBN is trying to have things both ways.  Of course she does!  Any bright spot in Iraq only hurts the Democrats, so even in signs of military victory, they must see the potential for defeat.  They have to.  They think the 2006 Election was a referendum on Iraq.  Polls immediately ater the election indicated it was more a repudiation of Republican political scandals than it was about Iraq.  Thinking that they are being populist, they are leading Congress’ abysmal approval ratings while continuing to scream for military defeat.  It must be a horrible place to be– rooting against your country because you think the people want you to, but feeling their ire will historically low approval numbers because of your attitude.  Jeez, Karl Rove’s even at 29%!  I wonder if they’d survive a no-confidence vote?

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