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Bush’s Vietnam Angle

Posted by Ryan on August 23, 2007

Rove leaving… Cheney in an undisclosed location… It would seem that Dubya going in front of a camera would be nothing the Left would care about.  However, Bush’s VFW speech yesterday did something that the Left simply did not anticipate:  among other things, Bush compared Iraq to Vietnam.  What?  Is this a betrayal of those who’ve supported him and made a huge effort to demonstrate the differences between those two conflicts?

Alas, no!  Bush didn’t say Iraq is Vietnam the way the Left sees it (an unwinnable quagmire with clear parallels between 1968 and every moment since 2003), he spoke of the consequences of leaving a conflict prematurely because of political pressure to set artificial dealines and withdrawal schedules.  Words like “re-education camps,” “boat people” and “killing fields” were those introduced into our vocabulary after we left Vietnam when we refused to fund the South after the North predictably broke the treaty, despite our diplomatic commitments.  Thanks, Democrat Congress.  Also, he said the extremists we face in the Mideast are as sinister and evil as those we’ve faced in past wars.  The long-term impact of a successful Iraq will be felt long after Bush leaves the White House.  History is on Bush’s side in this view.

This irks the Left two-fold:  it shows Bush in his element– in front of veterans speaking about the ideals of fighting this war; and it demonstrates that the Left’s cut-and-run strategy has been clearly tried before with horrible results.

AP photo.

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