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California Dreamin’!

Posted by Ryan on August 23, 2007

The few vocal Republicans in the State of California have gotten together over the last month or so with a brilliant idea to mess with the Democrat monopoly in their state.  The 1986 Amnesty Act virtually guaranteed a voting bloc of non-English speaking, socialist-leaning immigrants that will make California virtually impossible for Republicans to win for a while.  As its population grows, so does its percentage of the Electoral College, now up to 55, which is 9.8% of the total, or 20.4% of a candidate’s goal to the magic number of 270. 

So, to make their state competitive and actually draw Presidential candidates to campaign in California, Republicans have proposed a ballot initiative that would propotionately divide the state’s Electoral Votes by district, just like both Maine and Nebraska do.  It’s a bold move, and completely constitutional since a state has the right to choose the manner in which their Electoral Votes are divided.  Colorado debated this concept too in 2004, but was rejected last year.  If this would happen in California, then around 20 Congressional districts that consistently vote Republican would not go to the Dems, but the Republican candidate!  Had Bush won these districts in 2004, he wouldn’t have had to worry about Ohio, and Kerry would have bailed election night, rather than symbolically the next day.

48 states have a winner-take-all system.  With some people incessantly complaining about the Electoral College, California’s passage of this referendum, should the Republicans be successful, would undoubtedly lead other large states to do the same.  However, I’m not sure where this will end up.  Letting independents vote in primaries was designed to help Republicans back in the 1980s, but has since led to “independents” crashing the polls in order to select some other party’s nominee (read: McCain 2000).  I like the Electoral College– it forces candidates to run national, not sectional, campaigns and continues the tradition of state sovereignty, since the President is constitutionally the President of the states, then the people.  California Republicans are being savvy here and the initiative is likely to get more press as time goes on. map.

One Response to “California Dreamin’!”

  1. Chris said

    Very interesting…I hope the Republicans have the backbone to see this all the way through. If the Republicans do get a backbone on this issue, this could very well go to the Supreme Court because it’s a near lock that some moonbat lib group will take this to the 9th circuit and then the Supreme Court will end up coming in and cleaning up their mess.

    Again, very, very interesting!!!

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