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Wag the Cow

Posted by Mike on August 24, 2007

Sometimes its funny when Democrats sound like parodies of themselves. At other times its frightening when Democrats sound like parodies of themsleves.  This one is a little bit of both.  Here is a parody of She Who Must Not Be Named discussing terrorism; and here is SWMNBN sounding like said parody. Sometimes the jokes almost write themselves.

Link to real story via Drudge.

AP photo.

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Made in China

Posted by Ryan on August 24, 2007

China has an image problem.  Its products litter dollar stores, Walmart, and countless electronics and toy stores all over the United States.  China has been in their own version of the Gilded Age for about twenty years.  Ten percent economic growth per year is considered necessary to keep the newly created middle class happy enough not to stir in the streets.  Working conditions, pay, quality control, and man-made environmental disasters are all major issues in China, as they started to be in America about 120 year ago.

Whether we’ve realized this or not, America and China have been in a minor trade war over the past few years, which has accelerated recently.  Do you really think that this was the only time Chinese companies used lead paint on its toys, or used very small parts, or nasty chemicals in dog food or toothpaste?  Of course not!  America wants China to free its currency, the yuan, from the US dollar and let the market control the worth of the yuan rather than keep the artificial parallel to our dollar.  In essence, China’s money is artificially more valuable the way things are now which makes buying US Treasury bonds more lucrative for the Chinese.  They’re cheating. 

In response, China threatened to call in its bonds, thereby threatening to sink the US economy and engaged in another military drill with Russia.  Suddenly, Chinese products have flaws in them and recalls were necessary.  China finally blinked and is taking a four-month look into its manufacturer’s practices— they don’t want the name “China” on products to mean “cheap” or “unsafe.”  It’s a little late for that, but this does confirm a thought I’ve had for a while– China needs America more than America needs China, and China just admitted it in this lastest round of the trade war.  We’re not done with China yet since their still cheating on their currency, but a victory is a victory.

AP photo.

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Deadly Mistake at Rhode Island Hospital

Posted by Ryan on August 24, 2007

An 86-year-old brain surgery patient, whose name is yet to be released, eventually died Saturday of a botched operation.  The nurse practitioner didn’t specify which side of the patient’s brain needed to be operated on, but the doctor went ahead anyway, on memory of an old CT scan.  Once he realized his mistake he began to work on the proper side.  The result was three weeks of agony and eventual death of the patient. 

A sense a huge lawsuit in the works!  Doctors and nurse practitioners make a heck of a lot of money.  Given all that money and the prestige of the job, there’s no excuse for this kind of deadly gaffe– especially with brain surgery!  Dr. Frederick Harrington is currently under investigation because of it and Lifespan, the company that owns Rhode Island Hospital, has come out strongly against the doctor, wanting to know if the mistake led directly to the patient’s death.

Plus, those of you who’ve never lived in Rhode Island cannot appreciate how small it is.  Everybody knows everybody by about two degrees of separation.  New Jersey is 8.5 times larger than RI in population and seven times its size in square miles.  Add the fact that nearly all of RI’s million residents live within 25 minutes of Providence or Newport.  When something like this happens, everyone gets freaked out, panics, and it stays in the local news for a long, long time.

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