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Wag the Cow

Posted by Mike on August 24, 2007

Sometimes its funny when Democrats sound like parodies of themselves. At other times its frightening when Democrats sound like parodies of themsleves.  This one is a little bit of both.  Here is a parody of She Who Must Not Be Named discussing terrorism; and here is SWMNBN sounding like said parody. Sometimes the jokes almost write themselves.

Link to real story via Drudge.

AP photo.


2 Responses to “Wag the Cow”

  1. Rob V. said

    “She Who Must Not Be Named” – LOVE IT!

  2. Ryan said

    So it’s official. SWMNBN is actively trying get al Qaeda to help her in this campaign. While it may have been a joke, she simply doesn’t understand what this means or how this affects those of us who know people fighting the War on Terror against al Qaeda as we speak. It’s like that comedian who makes fun of some tragedy too soon and looks like a jerk for saying it.

    Al Qaeda hates Bush and hates Republicans, like many on the Left. SWMNBN at least understands where she and America’s sworn enemy seek the same thing. But she is insinuating that they have shared political goals, too. Isn’t that an obvious call to keep that cow out of the White House as much as one can? But remember, she did say that one shouldn’t always say what they believe on the campaign trail. Her campaign is nothing more than a self-indulgent power grab/ masquerade ball full of half-truths, bad jokes, and thunder thighs.

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