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Brzezinski Loves Barry

Posted by Ryan on August 26, 2007

Friday, Democratic Presidential candidate Barry O’Bama got a “boost” from a premiere Democratic foreign policy “expert”, Jimmah Carter’s own, Zbigniew Brzezinski

Brzezinski believes that O’Bama has the historical sense to repair the damages that the Bushies have done to America’s reputation in the world.  He actually liked what O’Bama had to say about unconditionally talking to and possibly making deals with our sworn enemies.  He did knock She Who Must Not be Named, essentially saying that being First Lady doesn’t prepare you to be President.  However, it seems Brzezinski forgot about the “two-for-one” co-presidency theme of the 1992 Presidential campaign, when it was obvious that we were electing SWMNBN and her husband Bill.

The fact that Brzezinski is considered a “paragon of foreign policy eminence” in the article shows how wacky things have gotten in the minds of Washington Post reporters and editorial staff.  In case you forgot, Brzezinski was National Security Advisor to Jimmah during those dark times of the Carter years.  So, the much lauded Democrat’s “paragon of foreign policy eminence” was advising Jimmah during the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the collapse of SALT II, the 1980 US Olympic Boycott, the OPEC squeeze that produced gas-lines here at home, the Cambodian genocide, the communist infiltration of Central America, just to name a few wonderful foreign policy horrors under his tenure.  Jimmah was the primary character in that foreign policy freak show back then, but the man whose job was to advise him on national security issues had to have some impact… all while Brzezinski’s reputation was being “hawkish.”  So he likes Barry.  Good for Mr. O’Bama, at least someone does.  

AP photo.

3 Responses to “Brzezinski Loves Barry”

  1. Anonymous said

    I suppose that you think that the blundering strokes of GW Bush have been brilliant.

  2. Mike said

    So which part of the post do you disagree with? You do know this was a post about a Carter Administration official’s thoughts on a candidate in the 2008 election?

  3. Ryan said

    Dubya probably has the precognizence to know that appeasing communism and radical Islamic aggression is a bad idea. Jimmah and Brzezinski should have known that too. Their predecessors and successors both knew that and Jimmah made them look much better for it.

    Dubya’s foreign policy problems have come from things with which he had little to do. I’m not going to reargue the Iraq War, it’s all over this site’s archives, but Bush isn’t as bad as Carter. Modern Islamic radicalism as we know it became emboldened under Carter’s watch. Iraq as a problem began under Reagan’s watch and bled into Bush 41’s tenure. Al Qaeda became a problem under Clinton’s watch. It seems to me that among other things Dubya is just cleaning up messes left to him from previous administrations. FDR inherited the Depression, he didn’t cause it. Same concept goes with much of Bush’s foreign policy trials– these conditions were there and after 9/11 he had to handle them somehow.

    It hasn’t been great by any means, but he’s trying. Libya’s not looking for WMD’s anymore and is getting involved in the world community, Lebanon had elections, Afghanistan and Iraq had elections, Saudi Arabia has finally started fighting al Qaeda, North Korea is at least recognizing that a table exists, and the economy’s not bad– 4.6% unemployment, inflation low, and my taxes are noticably lower now than they were in 2003. Carter had Camp David and mulled over “human rights” while doing very little about helping in Cambodia, Afghanistan, or Honduras while President. Plus gas may be high, but we’re not rationing. I’ll give you this one, Anonymous, Bush sucks on the borders and spending, absolutely sucks.

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