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Drooling Too Soon

Posted by Ryan on August 26, 2007

At the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference this weekend, prominent Republicans seemed to be foaming at the mouth in delight at the prospect of a She Who Must Not Be Named general election campaign.  Some Republicans had an “anybody but her” attitude, others weren’t too clear on who they wanted competing against her, and some worried about turnout next year. 

One thing is absolutely clear to me:  she will be their nominee if things keep on this course.  O’Bama’s wife knocked SWMNBN this week, Edwards knocked her too– then both campaigns subsequently distanced themselves from the comments as being directed towards her.  I know Edwards and O’Bama can only hope to run for Vice President at this point, but do they have to make it so obvious while simultaneously showing us how spineless they really are?  With nearly 100% name recognition and her viable opponents not even attacking her, she will win the Democrat nomination. 

I think we could beat her in the general election depending on our nominee.  SWMNBN’s supporters say that the Republicans drooled over her getting into the New York Senate race in 2000, and look what happened.  Yes, she won, after her main competitor, then New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, left the race due to cancer!  He could have even beaten her… pre-9/11 at that!  Alas, Rick Lazio was an inexperienced stand-in, plus, lest we forget, she ran in New York, not nationwide. 

There are many skeletons in her closet and America is not apt elect a “Victim-in-Chief” candidate during the War on Terror when she tries to play the “poor me, those evil Republicans, boo hoo” card in the general.  That guff may have worked in the ’90s, but not today.  But, like I qualified earlier, it depends on having a nominee to get out the vote– we can count on some, but not enough, negative turnout to swamp the polls to prevent that cow from becoming our 44th President.  Let us choose wisely. 

4 Responses to “Drooling Too Soon”

  1. Is Obama Scottish? (O’bama)

    Hillary looks stalwart. All the right candidates look like nice suit wearing idiots. Do you think the Republicans are throwing the election? I doubt I’ve ever seen a worse group of candidates from the right.

  2. Ryan said

    His mother’s maiden name was Shirley Ann Dunham–just playing up his Anglo side (Dunham comes from the anglo-saxon “dun” which means small town or hamlet). Too much is made of his “Hussein” middle name, so I needed a new angle to have fun with.

    It does look pretty weak on the Republican side. There are strong candidates, but none that fit the mold that every Republican can be proud of. I think we’re looking too hard for Ronald Reagan. But remember that candidate Reagan was not today’s Ronald Reagan either; he had to be President before his greatness shown past the rhetoric.

  3. i thought his middle names were Herbert Walker

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