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Labour Revolt Over EU Constitution

Posted by Mike on August 27, 2007

For some time now, Gordon Brown has been risking his Labour party’s post-Blair bounce by arrogantly insisting that the UK adopt the EU Constitution without a referendum despite Labour’s most recent election manifesto promising one.  Until now, Labour’s worst case scenario resulting from their broken promise was the creation of an issue for the Conservatives to hammer at the next election. Things are much worse for Labour now.

According to the Telegraph, 120 Labour MPS are in revolt, demanding that Brown keep their party’s election promise.  This is a major test for Brown.  Unlike in the US, where party revolts are merely embarassing, losing a vote in the House of Commons can topple a government, leading to a nearly immediate election conducted in the aftermath of the governing party’s recent embarassment.  Brown will probably avoid this scenario.

Gordon Brown is probably savvy enough to weather this storm, either by fulfilling Labour’s promise to hold a referendum or by dropping the idea of an EU Constitution.  Hopefully, he’ll choose the latter.

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“Opus” of Political Correctness

Posted by Ryan on August 27, 2007

Berkeley Breathed’s cartoon strip “Opus” was striken from Sunday’s Washington Post and other papers (probably syndicates) because it had the audacity to knock radical Islam in a satirical way.  Apparently, when shown the cartoon, a few Muslims on staff had an “emotional” response to the cartoon so the execs chose to strike it from the paper.  Some Muslims recoiled over the fact that the cartoon mixes a sexual innuendo in a cartoon where Islam is a theme.  Oh boy, load up the martyrdom vests, the Crusades are here! 

However, in what can only be called a ridiculous double standard, the Post ran an “Opus” cartoon last week where the girl, Lola, knocked the late Reverend Jerry Falwell.  I wonder if those same execs at the Post believe that Christians might have an “emotional” response to their religion being satirized?  Do they even ask?  Why does it seem that Islam gets a pass from the satirists pen, while other groups can be knocked and diminished?  In America, we don’t get murdered for our political points of view on religion– this isn’t Denmark yet.

These kinds of controversies created by media types only serve to aggravate both sides of what should be an open dialogue on a serious issue.  We satirize things in America.  That’s a part of our culture that we all have to live with.  It’s that whole free speech thing.  Radical Islam (roughly about 1% of all Muslims, which is still millions of people) wants to destroy America, forcefully convert Christians, wipe out Israel, and eliminate all non-Islamic Civilization.  I think we should be able to discuss these things in an open forum, which (to the chagrin of some) includes political cartoons.

The Washington Post Writers Group cartoon.

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Alberto Gonzales Resigns

Posted by Ryan on August 27, 2007

Embattled Attorney General and long-time Bush friend Alberto Gonzales has tendered his resignation this morning amid endless investigation and controversy.  He will stay on until September 17.  Solicitor General Paul Clement will serve as his replacement until a new one can be found.  Alberto Gonzales dug his own grave on this one.  Every member of the President’s Administration “serves at the pleasure of the President.”  Simple and long-standing precedent.  Had Gonzales stuck to this statement from the beginning of this Democrat witch-hunt rather than admit that those eight fired US attorneys had done something wrong and he didn’t want to get into it, he might still have his job and we’d have moved onto another in a slew of Democrat investigations into whatever.  The press was fueling the flames and the Democrats could smell blood and weakness from the Administration.  RINOs like Arlen Specter didn’t help either, jumping on the bandwagon (that’s what happens, Mr. Bush, when you support a Specter over a Toomey!). 

The Attorney General’s post is unfortunately a political post and Gonzales needed to defend himself and the Administration better.  All allegations of wrong-doing, 1000s of pages of documents, 100s of emails, dozens of witnesses could not find anything against Gonzales, yet he’s the one resigning.  Having been abandoned by the Administration early and using the August recess as cover, Gonzales leaves permanently marred by the Democrat witch-hunt and with a long-time friend in the President who didn’t really help.  By the way, the Dems have vowed to continue their investigation.

AP photo.

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