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America is Too Fat!!!

Posted by Ryan on August 28, 2007

The Trust For America’s Health (TFAH) monitors the health of various states as a way to raise awareness for, among other issues, America’s obesity problem.  According to their findings, Colorado is the slimmest state, while Mississippians (pdf) are just about ready to walk around with tuba players behind them.  Yet, all states have shown an increase in the percentage of obese people, including the always doom-laden increase in childhood obesity rates– children don’t feed themselves, though, so  parents need to stop spoiling their kids and while encouraging a sedentary lifestyle in front of the TV or computer screen.  We’re not just talking about America becoming more “big-boned” every year, but our tonnage and flab is increasing at a rate that will crush our health care system in the future. 

However, the TFAH concludes in their study that government policies have failed to decrease the public’s waistline.  Of course they’ve failed!  Whenever one trusts the government to change cultural and/or social patterns it will fail.  But the TFAH finds that MORE government involvement on all levels can help!  Good luck with that.  I’m sorry, but being fat is the new smoking in this regard:  you know smoking’s going to kill you so don’t start crying if you start now and get cancer later, just like eating fattening foods and sitting on your butt all day is going to make you fat, and thereby increase the likelihood of dying young.  Don’t come crying and attempt to coerce my government to use my money to force you to put the Big Mac down! 

Yet, if a local town or School Board wants to impose its own restrictions on food or create wellness programs in phys ed or health class, then that’s different, because the more local the government, the more it will reflect the direct will of the people in that area.  If TFAH wants to work with private companies and individual towns and cities, it’s their prerogative too, and probably the best route for this group and this issue.  A grassroot stigma and information campaign might do the trick in the long run.  However, getting the feds involved is only going to encourage average Joe Fatman to acquiesce to the idea that Nanny Goverment will come to save the day anyway, while doing little about his own waistline!  TFAH needs to start with Mississippi… and quick!

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