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Posted by Mike on August 29, 2007

The Larry Craig incident has sent the MSM’s collective pulse racing. Evidently they are really excited that the scandal will help their favorite party win their 60th Senate seat in the next election. Although it is plausible that Craig’s political future is in jeopardy, I think a math lesson is in order.

Even assuming that every one of this article’s assumptions is correct and that the Republican Party somehow loses the Idaho seat, there is still no way the Democrats win 60 seats. The article correctly points out that the Democrats effectively hold 51 seats at the moment. The article then claims that six Republicans are vulnerable in 2008. Okay everyone, 51 plus 6 is how much? 57. Now add Craig’s seat. That makes 58. Unless my math is wrong 58 does not equal 60. Dream on MSNBC.

3 Responses to “MSNBC Math”

  1. Chris said

    Speaking of MSLSD/MSDNC, what the heck is their obsession with Keith Olbermann (or as Mark Levin says Countdown to No Ratings with Keith Overbite)?

    This guy is horrible on the air, shows no signs of intelligence and is a shrill for SWMNBN.

    And now NBC is corrupting football by putting him on the NFL show. I don’t want my football to be political, as he has done, just keep it pure.

  2. BillT said

    Count the number of “Senate Math” articles over the next 12 months when Republicans stand to lose seats and then search the archives of 2000 in the paper of your choice and see how many were done when the Dems stood to lose seats. Thank goodness the old media has no bias? Note the question mark.

  3. […] assuming the worst, MSNBC’s math still misses the […]

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