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“Active Denial System” Denied by Pentagon

Posted by Ryan on August 30, 2007

The Pentagon has denied the use of the “Active Denial System” (a 21st Century ray-gun) in Iraq citing that it might be construed as a torture device!  The Marines have been screaming for this crowd-control device since October of 2004, and some military officials call its lack of deployment “a kind of a national scandal” given the lives it could have saved.   Two reasons are cited in the article as to why this has not yet been deployed:  fallout from Abu Graib (thanks again, Mary Mapes, for continuing to get people killed by your overzealous reporting) and that it’s cheap (R&D was only about $62 million), meaning it’s not as sexy as the larger, ass-kicking weapons that cost billions. 

So you know, the “ADS” gives the target the sense that their skin is on fire without killing or maiming the person in any significant way.  No bullets, no flares, just a really, really effective crowd dispersal system that according to testimony, would have prevented tragedies all over Iraq including in Fallujah, 2003.  Its microwave beam singes off 1/64th of your skin, which is like putting on and wearing starchy clothes all day, but it does it all over your body instantaneously, giving you the sense that your skin is on fire with no visible sign of attack during a normal burst.  It can kill you if you’re exposed too long, but the thought is that it hurts so much people will get out of the way.

So, once again, political correctness is putting our soldiers in danger and aggrevating situations on the ground that do not require it.  People are dying because the Pentagon has a p.r. issue with a life saving device that could be construed as a torture device to our enemies.  So I must ask:  Is tear gas a torture device as it suffocates those in its cloud?  How about truncheons which are used to beat people, spilling their blood?  What about waterhoses that can rip bark off of a tree and are pointed directly at people?  Do the elites inside the Pentagon even ask themselves these questions, especially when our soldiers are in harms way?  This is one symptom of why Americans are frustrated with the Iraq War.  We have the ablility to kick ass, but we’re not, giving the impression that the Pentagon and the Administration don’t truly care about saving soldier’s lives, and may be using political judgments on weapons unnecessarily.  Our government continues to make this case for the war’s critics.

Defense Department photo.


One Response to ““Active Denial System” Denied by Pentagon”

  1. Mike said

    Although it made me laugh, I deleted the comment that was here before.

    Even when you leave comments as anonymous, we can still see your IP address dipshit. Last time, we demonstrated how retarded your “thoughts” are and you didn’t even bother to respond. Undoubtedly frustrated, you tried a different approach today by resorting to name calling. (with an insult that is so 10 years ago BTW).

    As Mark Levin would say, get off the blog you big dope.

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