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Big Brother 8’s Problems are Getting Noticed

Posted by Ryan on August 30, 2007

This CNN-ran Associated Press story finally lets the mainstream know what former BB8 watchers like me have known for six weeks:  the show’s producer, Allison Grodner, is acting like a shrewd ratings shill for CBS, playing up an anti-Semetic remark from Amber and downplaying the emotional and sometimes physical abuse of Dick on the rest of the House, amongst other things which may include rigging the voting. 

All of those, especially the last allegation, are why I refuse to watch the rest of the season.  It is evident from the show’s editing and the AP story that Dick draws in ratings, so he must be kept, and “America’s Player” is their gimmick, so he must be kept, when it is clear that in any other season both of them would have been voted out already.  Season 6 had all the cool players (minus Jedi Janie) voted out three weeks before the show’s finale.  Ratings be damned! That’s how the show is supposed to work.  It’s a game.  I’m hoping that someone sues when the show has concluded.

CBS photo.

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