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John Warner To Retire

Posted by Mike on August 31, 2007

Senator John Warner of Virginia announced today that he will not seek re-election in 2008. Given Virginia’s recent willingness to elect Democrats who successfully pretend to be moderate (Despite what you may have heard on MSNBC, Virginia is NOT becoming another Massachusetts), this is not good news. To make matters almost as bad, the Republican most mentioned as Warner’s likely successor is moderate Rep. Tom Davis, a man who is almost as annoying for his narcissism as he is for his political views.

Even assuming the worst, MSNBC’s math still misses the mark.

2 Responses to “John Warner To Retire”

  1. Chris said

    MSLSD/MSDNC forgets to mention that VA is not just made up of Alexandria, Arlington Co, Fairfax Co, Loudoun Co; but continues south of Exit 161 of I-95 and west of Exit 53 of I-66 (the border of Fairfax Co)…the parts of VA that actually vote Republican.

    I do not really like Tom Davis too much or appreciate his RINO status, but considering the geographic location of his Congressional District (Central/Western Fairfax County), he has a good shot at winning….that is unless the biggest fake moderate, former governor Mark Warner decides to run.

  2. Ryan said

    Strong conservative values will win the day in Virginia. Whoever the Republican is will not get the same kind of funding or national attention that George Allen got– his reelection could have easily meant his presidency next year. With a Democrat running the same year as She Who Must Not Be Named, it is still too unpredictable to know for sure if a Republican will win.

    Dick Morris thinks that SWMNBN will draw voters who’ve never bothered to show up– single moms, blue collar women, wuss-like males pressured by their liberal girlfriends to get off the couch and vote. Using this concept, the Republicans are dead in all tight races. Then again, SWMNBN has such huge negatives that all sorts of people could come out and vote to knock her down, offering a wave of anti-SWMNBN folks to knock off the Dems in many close races. Who knows?

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