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McCain’s Desparate Video

Posted by Ryan on August 31, 2007

Arizona Senator John McCain, who I affectionately refer to as Gollum (or Smeagol depending on the context), has allowed his campaign to release a video highlighting his service in Vietnam, which includes interrogation film while he was in a North Vietnamese prison.  The nearly 12-minute video is sure to show up in pieces as campaign commercials for the next few months in key states. 

What I’m wondering is why McCain needs to highlight his exemplory military service when that’s the one thing everybody already knows about him:  his well-publicized book, the incessant MSM fawning all over him about it every chance they get since 1999, his 2004 RNC speech, his 2000 Presidential campaign which highlighted all these things to contrast his service record over that of Bush’s, etc.  Desparation is my opinion on the matter.  He’s been falling in the polls most of the year, usually about fourth nowadays with Mike Huckabee hot on his trail.  Republicans don’t generally like him because he’s unpredictable, a “maverick” running for the position of standard-bearer, and way out of touch with average Republicans on the borders.  This latest attempt to revive his campaign may bring a few more people out to vote for him, but that’s it, especially with Fred Thompson slated to enter the race soon (maybe).

One Response to “McCain’s Desparate Video”

  1. BillT said

    The old media loves a Republican they know can’t win, hence the infatuation with Bob Dole before and post 1996.

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