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Ugly Day in Sports

Posted by Ryan on September 2, 2007

Not everyone will agree, but I thought many ugly things happened in sports yesterday:

  1. Notre Dame got pounded by Georgia Tech in a very uncharacteristic way 33-3.  It was only the sixth time in school history that they lost at home by 30 points or more.  However, in a strange stroke lending credence to the need to actually play the games, Michigan lost yesterday too.
  2. The Red Sox’s Clay Buchholz pitched a rare no-hitter in only his second Major League game.  It may have been a one-hit-wonder type of thing, but the Sox look ferocious going into September.  This Yankee fan is not pleased.
  3. Maria Sharapova lost to a Polish teenager Agnieszha Radwanska– but as long as she denies her American past, I suppose it’s OK that she loses.
  4. Rodney Harrison of the New England Patriots is out for four due to his use of performance-enhancing drugs.  The Pats are my team and anything that happens to them like this saddens me.  Also Richard Seymour is out for at least six weeks due to injury.

One Response to “Ugly Day in Sports”

  1. Mike said

    Let’s brighten that silver lining a little bit. Michigan didn’t just lose, they lost to 1-AA team.

    Also, the Yankees won, extending their WC lead; and West Ham beat Reading 3-0.

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