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Bush Visits Al Asad in Iraq

Posted by Ryan on September 3, 2007

Looking at the quirky half-smiles of many of the morning TV folks this morning you’d think they actually enjoy covering President Bush once in a while.  Well, on days like today, it must be fun! 

President Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates made a surprise 11-hour flight to Al Asad Airbase in Anbar Province, Iraq, on their way to he Asia Summit.  I am somewhat familiar with the comings and goings around Al Asad, as my brother was stationed out of there from November 2005 to May 2006.  The area was worse than Baghdad back then, filled with foreign fighters and kids and young teens getting wads of cash (American or Iranian mostly) to plant “backpacks” near pre-placed abandoned cars on the road.  It wasn’t pleasant.  At least in Baghdad you met people and spoke with the locals, befriended the kids, etc.  Out there in Anbar it’s just kill or be killed most of the time. 

Or, at least it was.  Anbar Province, which was thought “lost” last November, is a model for Iraqis finally taking it to al Qaeda.  Living under Taliban-like rule was just not cool, even to radical Sunnis!  Anbar is just one of the areas sure to be highlighted when General Petraeus makes his report to Congress next week.  Bush & Co. are out there to speak to Petraeus man-to-man about the real deal, to invigorate the troops, to get himself in the news about Iraq on a day when everyone’s home, and to get ahead of his critics before next week.  I love when he does this stuff!

AP photo.  BBC Map.


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