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Fred Does It His Way

Posted by Mike on September 4, 2007

For the record, I think Fred Thompson should have scheduled his announcement one day earlier so he could take part in the Fox News debate.  I also don’t like the idea of him announcing his campaign on Jay Leno.  That said, I’ve got to admire Fred Thompson for doing things his own way.

Thompson’s pre-candidacy is actually reminding me alot of Rush Limbaugh.  Cigar smackdowns of left-wing kooks, ignoring the chattering class, and his remarkable feat in remaining friends with all his ex-girlfriends all show Thompson as a man’s man who isn’t that interested in pandering.  If Thompson keeps projecting that image, Mitt Romney will have a problem.

Like Thompson, Romney is saying all the right things, but Fred seems much more believable.   All things being equal, I don’t see Republicans choosing a pro-choice New York City Mayor or a “flip flopper” from Massachusetts over a straight-shooting, articulate conservative.

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China and Iran: Who to Watch

Posted by Ryan on September 4, 2007

Two emerging threats to this nation, China and Iran were in the news this weekend, continuing their shinanigans.

It was confirmed today that China successfully hacked into parts of the Pentagon’s computer network back in June.  It was a “complicated attack,” or the kind the defense Department hates.  This kind of stuff happens all the time with the People’s Liberation Army in China (I love the names of stuff over there: “people” this and “people” that, it’s like they’re trying to hide something), but we’re either getting complacent, we’re just not as good as they are, or it was a lucky hack.  We really need to get on this.  I have said for a long time that military war with China would destroy us both:  nukes and economic calamity and such.  However, there are other ways to bring a nation down.  Spying, hacking, economic competition in the same markets all make China a rival, if not an enemy– one we can talk to though.

Iran, on the other hand, is not so predictable.  This Washington Times editorial from Arnaud de Borchgrave indicates that our next major shooting war could very well be with Iran.  I’m really not sure about this one.  I’d welcome the open threat.  I’d welcome chasing the IRG back over the border and blowing them up if they wander into Iraq.  Sarkozy was bold in a recent speech about a possible strike on Iran.  Israel is keeping their jets fueled as we speak for the OK.  We keep moving carrier battle groups into the region.  At some point it has to look like something’s eventually going to happen. 

Unlike China whose government doesn’t let anyone believe in God, the mullah’s in Iran believe God wants them to kill the infidels.  I’d much rather trust the godless communists watching out for their own butts, than a bunch of wacked-out mullahs trying to push each other through the doors of heaven faster.

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Tory Health Care

Posted by Ryan on September 4, 2007

This article should be a huge wake-up call to many in the United States who want to embrace national health care.  It is a simple principle that goes back to the Enlightenment:  the more the government does for its citizens, the less personal freedoms their subjects have.  When put in the hands of welfare state socialism, we get the UK’s own National Health System crisis, and the bizarre ways some in the Conservative Party think they can save it.  The article also delves into the Tory idea for a school voucher system that could easily slip into forced busing, and some “ownership society”-style housing proposals, but their health care position is a bit scary.

Rewarding people for eating well and living healthy lifestyles, but suggesting that those who do not abide by the state’s mandate of “healthy” living should be snubbed by the system.  This is somehow reasonable?  Sounds like a wonderful system: dictating what people eat and punishing them if they don’t abide!  I suppose they’ll soon suggest using the public camera system to monitor how long or if people jog in the morning.  Since the government controls health care in the UK, the government is using its power of coersion on its own citizens in this case, potentially using their subject’s actual health as their carrot and stick.  To them, a “responsible citizen” worthy of care is only what those few elected elites think it is.  And this is the Tory point of view! 

What plenty of universal government-controlled health care advocates in the US don’t understand is these unintended consequences of nanny-state socialism.  The people’s own choices and decisions are taken out of the equation; thereby their personal freedoms are reduced.  In a free market system, it is up to the health care provider to determine who should get coverage.  If a person does not qualify, they can shop around to many other HMOs.  However, persuasion is not coersion.  Perks for healthy living is one thing, but punishment for eating certain foods too much is bordering on totalitarian. 

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The Tube Goes On Strike

Posted by Mike on September 4, 2007

Sorry Londoners, but Tube workers have walked off the job as part of their 72-hour strike. Having experienced the most recent NYC subway strike, I know how aggravated many of you are.  I truly feel for you.

I’m sure our London friends are familiar with this song about the frustrations of urban transportation, but most of my fellow Americans are not.  Enjoy.

WARNING: Video contains strong language which may be offensive to the overly sensitive.

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