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Fred Does It His Way

Posted by Mike on September 4, 2007

For the record, I think Fred Thompson should have scheduled his announcement one day earlier so he could take part in the Fox News debate.  I also don’t like the idea of him announcing his campaign on Jay Leno.  That said, I’ve got to admire Fred Thompson for doing things his own way.

Thompson’s pre-candidacy is actually reminding me alot of Rush Limbaugh.  Cigar smackdowns of left-wing kooks, ignoring the chattering class, and his remarkable feat in remaining friends with all his ex-girlfriends all show Thompson as a man’s man who isn’t that interested in pandering.  If Thompson keeps projecting that image, Mitt Romney will have a problem.

Like Thompson, Romney is saying all the right things, but Fred seems much more believable.   All things being equal, I don’t see Republicans choosing a pro-choice New York City Mayor or a “flip flopper” from Massachusetts over a straight-shooting, articulate conservative.


2 Responses to “Fred Does It His Way”

  1. Chris said

    Rush Limbaugh has also stated for that Conservatives to be successful in dealing with the “Drive-By’s,” they must never accept the flawed premace of a question from a liberal. While we have seen this at times from Giuliani, Huckabee and Romney, Fred Thompson is the master at this and it will serve him well.

  2. Ryan said

    I must agree with your assessment, Mike. If Thompson plays the next few weeks properly, he will emerge as a real threat to Giuliani when actual votes are cast. Also, I agree with Chris’ point. I’ve seen Fred cut through the MSM nonsensical questions and posit his own thoughts. However, this sometimes looks like he’s not answering the question asked him, in favor of one he’d more likely feel comfortable answering. But, he’s 6’5″ with a booming voice and presense, and chicks dig him, so he can get away with a lot more in such interviews.

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