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German Terror Plot Thwarted

Posted by Ryan on September 5, 2007

Al Qaeda is a brand name that any radical Islamic group of two or more radical Islamists use to get headlines.  Even so, they are deadly and proliferating in Europe, especially in Britain and Germany.  Three Islamists were picked up with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a bomb equivalent of a 1,200 pound TNT blast that would undoubtedly have been used against popular American destinations or hotspots in Germany.  That’s the same major chemical used in the July 2005 London bombings.  

These Islamists were arrested for terrorist suspicion and are currently being held by the authorities.  What we know is that they were aiming at Americans and they were probably trained in Pakistan.  So far, there is no Homeland Security threat stemming from this cell, as far as our government agencies can tell.  This story should develop as time goes on, but it is another indication of the dangerous pattern of radical Islamism coming out of Europe, as well as another indication that the War on Terror is not over by any stretch.  However, it goes to show that going on the offense is better than waiting for these attacks to happen.

AP photo.


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