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Larry Craig Redux

Posted by Ryan on September 5, 2007

Larry Craig’s reality:  I pled guilty, but it wasn’t for the sex charge, just the misdemeanor towards the cop, but I won’t bend to political pressure.  What?  You’re abandoning me?  OK, I will resign effective September 30.  Oh, wait, maybe not

This is why people hate politicians– self-centered, megalomaniacal, and inconsistent.  This is also bad politics.  Whereas a simple misdemeanor charge outside of Congress has never been used to expel a member of the Senate in its 220 years, Larry Craig is a political pariah for the Republican Party– a walking, talking, flip-flopping epitome of the number one reason why Americans gave the Dems Congress last year:  the appearance of ethical misconduct.  For that, the damage is done and he should continue with plans to step down at the end of the month. 

However, Craig’s buddy, Arlen Specter, asked him to fight on.  Arlen Specter represents what’s wrong with the Republican Party across the spectrum.  Specter is the destructive, hidebound, wimpy RINO incarnate.  He loves Chucky Schmucky Schumer.  He obviously doesn’t understand the Republican’s knee-jerk reaction to this.  It has everything to do with the appearance of impropriety in a perceived scandal-ridden party.  Craig already announced he’d leave, making this issue go away, making Idaho a sure-win for the Republicans next year: two things the Republicans are counting on. 

But, today Craig’s reconsidering.  In my opinion it’s too late: he’s been the butt of late night talkshow jokes and already said he’d resign!  He’s in the pop culture as the guy who hit on a cop in the public restroom stall.  He’s major political deadweight for the Republican Party.  He should do the right thing and continue with his plans to step down at this point.  Before he talked of resigning, my opinion may have been different, but it’s too late now for face saving.

Pic from the Constitution Club Blog.


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