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Fred’s In… Finally!

Posted by Ryan on September 6, 2007

Fred Thompson is officially in the race for the Republican nomination.  We now have another candidate to seriously think about.  He annouced on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and released a 15-minute commercial after last night’s debate.  I also heard a speech he gave today and he sounded good. 

No real specifics, but he said all the right things:  “sanctity of life,” rights from God not government, federalism is cool, he understands the nature of our dangerous world, loathes goverment spending bankrupting future generations, knowing the difference between activist judges and the ones he’d appoint, America has shed more blood for the liberty of other people than any other nation in history and we ought to appreciate that and not keep apologizing, and so forth.  He also looked good.  I know this is shallow, but it is reality today.  My problem with Fred was that I didn’t sense strong energy from him in the past.  He seemed tired and put-off.  This speech showed that he’s got a strong optimistic streak with a quiet confidence that will really attract many depressed Republicans looking for an “electable” conservative alternative to Rudy, Mitt or McCain.  So far so good, but it’s only day 1.

Now that he’s in I want to hear specific plans.  I want to know how he’s better than the other candidates.  I want to see him at a debate.  I want to hear him on the campaign trail talking to people who will ask him a tough question.  I want him to go through a full-fledged media meat grinder.  I want to know why I should support him or just hold my nose against the stench of lesser candidates. 

Daily Mail photo.


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