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Bin Laden Rambles On

Posted by Ryan on September 7, 2007

Bin Laden has a new tape where he rambles on and on about all sorts of stuff– kind of like a Mike Gravel speech, but evil.  The loudest voices praising the Democrat victory last November outside the United States were our enemies in Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, Iran and al Qaeda.  The one thing that sometimes seems to drift from people’s minds is that our enemies actually hate George W. Bush.  For good or for bad, it follows that everytime something bad happens to Bush or his political party they like it, thinking that it is a repudiation of his policies.  And most of the time it is. 

That puts today’s liberals in a funny spot:  actually being cheered on by Osama Bin Laden and scolded if their agenda is not pushed through.  Bin Laden used liberal code-words in his diatribe, like “neoconservative”, which a friend of mine lately said is in itself sometimes used as a non-offensive substitute for “dirty Jew” when the Libs or terrorists use it– no one on the Right actually refers to themselves as neoconservatives (or “neocons”), or hasn’t seriously since 1995; it was a media label on a few people around Bush who they want to demean that had an aggressive approach to foreign policy that included helping Israel and bringing democracy to the Mideast.  Yet, Bin Laden also knocked the Dems for not fulfilling their campaign promise to cut-and-run in Iraq and that the Dems are still funding the troops despite their rhetoric, and for the American people reelecting Bush!  For shame, Libs!  For shame, America!  I suppose Bin Laden would be in the 83% of Americans that give the Democrat Congress a Fair to Poor rating too, if Scott Rasmussen actually gave him a call.  It is pretty clear that Bin Laden gets his talking points from Bush’s domestic enemies.

In the end, if the best Bin Laden can personally do on the sixth anniversary of 9/11 is to rant from his small hideout on the other side of the world, damning us as if he were cursing the sun everytime it came up, then we can’t be doing that bad six years out from the 9/11 tragedy.  It’s tragic that he’s still alive and justice has not be dealt on him, but his pitiful ramblings are a symptom that even though we haven’t got him, life still sucks for him over there.


One Response to “Bin Laden Rambles On”

  1. Mike said

    I think its time for Mark Levin to come up with a new edition of his 2004 election game of Who Said It: Michael Moore, John Kerry, or Osama Bin Laden.” What Levin would do is read some random statement and the listners had to try to guess which of the trio made the statement. Let me tell you; that game was most difficult.

    Since Bin Laden is busy hiding under a rock somewhere, he doesn’t have many opportunities to spout off with his propaganda. I find it remarkable that a man with so few opportunites to speak to the world feels that his most effective PR strategy when he does is to rip off Democrat talking points. You’d think that party would at least consider being embarassed.

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