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Who Would Kick Her Off of Anything?

Posted by Ryan on September 8, 2007

23-year-old Kyla Ebbert (pictured above) was asked to buy new clothes and get on a later flight after a male Southwest Airlines flight attendant told another one that she was not dressed appropriately for a “family airline.”  Instead, Ebbert compromised by hiking down her skirt, tightening her sweater and getting on the flight.  Ebbert felt she was appropriately dressed for late summer and that her destination was forecast for 100-110 degrees, but Southwest stands by the decision of the flight attendants.

So, was Southwest being too prudish, singling out (profiling, if you will) this young woman, or were they justified in making that call?  Kyla is part of the Millennial generation.  I am convinced that this generation of girls and young women, simply doesn’t wear enough clothes.  On principle I cannot complain too much, but if you look at the stores that cater to this generation, the styles they’ve been sporting all decade, and the accepted female norms of this generation, Kyla probably didn’t even know she was dressed inappropriately, as was evidenced by her reaction. 

That being said, I think this may have been different if passengers were complaining.  The story indicates that it was just a quality-control move on the part of the flight attendants to maintain the image of the company, but she was one young woman on a short flight from San Diego to Tuscon, so in my opinion, they should have left her alone.  She wasn’t naked or lewd or anything like that from a mainstream cultural point of view.  Also, for the record, that male flight attendant needs to understand that, on behalf of all males who’ve been on a plane longer than an hour, aesthetics also plays a role in the quality of a trip. 

Pic from Crissy Pascual/Union-Tribune.


6 Responses to “Who Would Kick Her Off of Anything?”

  1. Mike said

    Who would say something? Ugly women and only ugly women. I know the story says it was the steward who complained, but I heard that it was a pasenger. Any money it was an unattractive woman who had to disturb this chick. Many people dress inappropriately these days but this woman did nothing of the sort. She’s just hot.

    Many unattractive women have a habit of complaining too much and sometimes feel threatened by the beautiful. Look at Susan Estrich’s obsession with Annie C.

  2. rightonoz said

    Guys, I would have loved to have sat next to a woman as hot as that on a 17 hour flight, let alone a short hop.

    I’m no drooling sexo, but I surely do appreciate women who dress to their assets. That any fight attendant has the dictatorial power to throw someone that nicely dressed off a plane says something about the poor state of affairs in the USA (remember Janet Jackson got more air time than important world events.)

    We’re starting to see it down here, the rise and control of the VERY prudish right.

    A recent press statement by the body that represents our sex industry down here pointed out that the very people who were screaming loudest for a ban on xxx on our Internet were the ones shown to have orchestrated a systematic protection of pedophiles within their church. I’m no appologist for the sex industry, however their point is compelling!

  3. Peter said

    Un-be-lie-vable…Only in America (and perhaps some other rightwing, religion-totalitarian regime infested country)Do you americans have any idea of what the greater part of Europe thinks of your moral standards and ethics? Judging by incidents as this one, you really do not!
    I have spent a few months living with my girlfriend in the US (Connecticut) back in 1988, and I was quickly made clear that I wasn’t allowed to show affections to my girlfriend, more in particular we weren’t allowed to give eachother a kiss on the lips in public (not a french kiss, just a simple kiss). Almost twenty years later things obviously haven’t changed much, in the contrary…Sorry, love your country but like your ethics/morals a little less!

  4. Kelly said

    Oh man, while we’re at it let’s make burka’s obligatory on Southwest… djeez Louise!
    Probably some not-so-good-looking woman instructed the flight attendant coz she didn’t want her husband going to the toilet every 5 minutes so he walk by her seat and give her a good looksie…

  5. Fillup said

    Pretty Lady.

  6. Mike said

    To our non-American friends:

    Are we more conservative when it comes to attire? Yes. Are we this conservative when it comes to attire? Hell no. This is not the nrom. Here we had a prudish steward who acted like a moron and the reaction against him is overwhelmingly negative.

    This backlash alone should tell you that the U.S. is not even close to the level of prudishness
    you’ve imputed to us. Our thoughts mirror yours.

    And Peter, people are allowed to give simple kisses here and no one says anything. If you’re rounding third on a crowded subway however, probably not.

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