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NFL Week 1 is Here!

Posted by Ryan on September 9, 2007

Finally!  It’s been over seven months since the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl XLI and my pro-football withdrawal is coming to an end!  In the first game, the Colts beat up the Saints 41-10 last Thursday, though it was a good first half.  The NFL’s Week 1 Schedule has many division rivalry games worth checking out:  Patriots v. Jets, Ravens v. Bengals (Monday Night), Giants v. Cowboys, Steelers v. Browns, Titans v. Jaguars, etc.  Also, the Chicago Bears play the San Diego Chargers in what many pundits are billing as a Super Bowl preview.  I’m not ready to predict who’s going to be in the Super Bowl just yet– the AFC has many strong teams and the NFC (or the JV squad) is unpredictable, with many 8-8 teams making the playoffs more often than not.  Plus, we always get surprises; that’s why they play the games isn’t it?  I hope your home team does well (unless you’re a Jets fan this week), but if not I hope fantasy team does better.  The Fall has arrived!

Picture taken by Jamie Squire/Getty Images.


2 Responses to “NFL Week 1 is Here!”

  1. Chris said

    Actually just got back from the Jets game and I know the Patriots fans on here will be happy as they won today (hopefully the Jets will be ready for Foxboro in December like last year), but I am more concerned about the Giants upcoming season…most likely the last year for Tom Coughlin and fans will be very fed up with Eli. Now that he’s with NBC, Tiki is letting it be known his true feelings for both, making an upcoming season even more complicated for the Giants. After this season it looks as if the Cowher and Weis sweepstakes (sorry Mike…he may not leave ND, but one can still hope) will begin. Looks like the best team this season in the NY/NJ area is going to be Rutgers.

  2. Mike said

    lol I admire your attitude Chris but you got one word wrong. He WILL not leave ND.

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