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9/11 Plus 6

Posted by Ryan on September 11, 2007

Study Hall was just finishing up and I was getting ready for my next period class when I saw a number of teachers and students congregating around a TV in the library.  My curiousity had been piqued that morning, increasingly as more news and information was coming out.  I’d heard about planes hitting the World Trade Center and rumors about explosions all over Washington DC and even more hijacked planes.  Even though I had students to watch, I needed to find out what was happening.  Many people really didn’t understand what was happening.  I didn’t.  Who could in those first hours of what would later be called the “War on Terror?”  While I watched the coverage on TV, I saw the first tower collapse and suddenly the problem of saving people from the fiery buildings turned into a nightmare worst-case scenario of countless dead as thousands of tons of concrete, steel, and humanity were careening down into the newest embers of “Ground Zero.” 

I was sitting in a high school library about 170 miles away from New York City.  These people weren’t.  It is hard to image what it must have been like losing someone on that day in New York, at the Pentagon or in Shanksville.  It’s sobering to realize how much our world has changed since then.  We’ve all made sacrifices, some small others large.  From new delays getting on a plane, to giving to a new charities, to feeling empathy for people going through a tragedy, to losing a loved one in a far off war defending our new and old interests in this new and difficult-to-understand world.  9/11 may be fading away as the calendar moves ahead, but our world and this era is forever colored by those events.  But, we’re a strong people.  While there have been successes and failures since 9/11, we persevere, we thrive, and we remember that the threat is not gone, the fear is not fake, and the gumption to live normal lives makes us stronger and more prepared in case we’re challenged again. 

AP photo.


One Response to “9/11 Plus 6”

  1. BillT said

    I was in the Caribbean. All I had available at the time, I had moved to a new job that began on September 10, 2001 and was living on a new Island, was ABC news. It was the most bizarre day of my adult life.

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