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Democrats Woolsey and Moran: Attack Democrats!

Posted by Ryan on September 12, 2007

Eating their own, California Representative Lynn Woolsey and Virginia Representaive Jim Moran, both Democrats, have participated with the “Network of Spiritual Progressives” (oh boy) in an important conference call about attacking Democrats who are supporting the Iraq War in any way.  Liberal activist and journalist Rabbi Michael Lerner (indoctrinated in this “peace” swill as early as the Free Speech Movement) also participated in discussing the topic of getting serious in Iraq.  Granted I don’t have a problem with this, but the Democrat machine is upset at these remarks, saying that Republicans are the problem and should be targeted by these fringe groups and Democrats. 

The only problem with that thesis is that the Dems currently control both houses of Congress!  Pelosi and Reid have tried to cut-and-run, but they won’t in the end, despite the current rhetoric.  They know it’s potentially political suicide and their “mandate” last year was about corruption as much as it was about Iraq so they must tread softly in these woods.  Yet, those pesky Blue Dog Democrats have given them cover so far with the fringe, who are critical to Democrat fundraising.  Messing with that formula has unnerved the Congressional leadership.  Currently, 58 Democrats are sitting in the House in districts that Bush won in 2004.  They have been obstructing the Lib goal of complete failure, so now these two Democrats and various elected officials and extremist organizations are going to threaten, cajole, and coerce these Dems into joining the Ostrich Brigade and vote for failure.  It’s good to see some Democrat infighting which will not result in a stronger Democrat party, but a divided one due to the political pressure and money from the fringe.  Hopefully, they’ll get louder as the election nears.  These kooks paid for failure through their donations in 2006– they want failure and want it NOW!  Reid and San Fran Nan are feeling the pressure from the fringe, but the Blue Dogs want their jobs after 2008, plus Petraeus may well be resonating with the American people.  Let the wrangling begin.


One Response to “Democrats Woolsey and Moran: Attack Democrats!”

  1. Chris said

    What took them so long! On Election Day 2006, I believed that there was no way the newly elected Blue Dog Democrats would stay Blue Dog Democrats. Let’s remember that “Stretch” Pelosi did a lot of fundraising for them and now that they won, they are “Godfathered” in terms of their positions. Remember the quote from the greastest movie ever made: “Some day, and that day may never come; I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.” I truly believe that is the case in Washington today. They are afraid for their political careers.

    Let us not also forget about the power of in the liberal circles. They want Soros’s money helping them and not attacking them, therefore, they’ll be more willing to march to their drum. As Sean was saying today, each major 2008 Democrat presidential candidate came out swinging against Patraeus (SWMNBN and “The Plagiarist/Dumbest Man in the Senate” most prominently) after praising him earlier in the year. has a lot of power in Democrat cicles…more than they would like to admit.

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