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The Patriots Get Slapped

Posted by Ryan on September 13, 2007

As a Patriots fan since before the Robert Kraft era, I was deeply disappointed to hear about my team being involved with cheating through use of banned video surveillance.  I’d like to believe that this is a new thing that wasn’t part of their recent past glory, but I can’t believe that completely even though the first allegation of this kind of videotaping was against Green Bay only last season.  Completely speculating, maybe not winning the Super Bowl the last two seasons made Belichick feel more desperate to win, coupled with having to face his old partner, Eric Mangini, in his own division twice a season (three times last year including the playoffs).  It’s no excuse and maybe I’m being a desperate fan, but there weren’t any of these allegations when the Pats were winning championships, only over the last few seasons when they were losing clutch games that denied them a chance at another Super Bowl ring.

So in response to the video evidence of cheating, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell slapped Bill Belichick with a $500,000 fine, the Patriots organization another $250,000 fine, and took away draft picks for next year: if they make the playoffs, it’s a first round pick they lose, if the Pats don’t make the playoffs, they’ll lose a second and third round pick in the 2008 Draft. 

Some will think that this is a mere slap on the wrist, others will think this is just right.  Some believe that suspending Belichick for a month or two would have been more appropriate than a monetary fine for a coach like him.  Others think that taking away draft picks over a number of years would have made a point to other teams who might try this in the future.  Some even want the Pats to forfeit the game last week.  I’m cool with the draft picks being taken away, but honestly I think that they should have fined and suspended Belichick.  The punishment has to hurt.  I think this one can be absorbed with embarassment, but without a lot of pain.

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Bush Reacts to Petraeus

Posted by Ryan on September 13, 2007

President Bush gave his eighth primetime address tonight accepting the recommendations of General David Petraeus on the current and future course of Iraq.  Essentially, Bush said that troop levels will be at pre-Surge levels by next summer, with nearly 6000 coming home by Christmas who will not be replaced.  However, the President stipulated that troop reductions will be determined by success, not by mere artificial timelines.  Also, Bush insinuated that we’re probably going to need a more permanent base in Iraq, like we have in Kuwait, Qatar, and the Emirates, which means a commitment to that country and region long after his presidency.  Bush’s performance was typical: tough to watch, filled with principles (like the ellusive democratization of the Mideast region-type stuff) that the average American may be getting tired of, and probably will be the last time we’ll see him until he pardons the turkey on Thanksgiving.

The Democrat response was given by the rather short Jack Reed of Rhode Island.  Reed ignored the successes of the Petraeus report and focused on cut-and-run talking points and the acceleration of failure as a policy we need:  this is what being a Democrat can do to an ex-Army Ranger, so watch out you folks in uniform for you too could be a Democrat shill one day.  I was insulted with his open disdain for the report and the President which was very unstatesman-like given the national audience. 

I don’t think it was good politics either.  The Republicans have new verve in their support the progress in Iraq.  Even McCain is out there with a revitalized message on his “No Surrender” tour, whose sole purpose is to knock the Democrats.  All the other Republican candidates are out there putting the Democrats on notice for being against success and generally not condemning the Moveon ad the other day.  Yet, Reed, Reid (Harry) and Pelosi are ready to finally enact their fringe-base’s wish to end the war with dishonor.  It boggles my mind!  I’ve been wondering since November 2006 why the Democrats have not tried to frame Iraq as a victory that they secured: thereby usurping the national security issue away from Republicans next year.  Yet, do they believe that producing failure in Iraq is the best way to achieve that same goal?  Either the Congressional leadership is just plain dumb, or that guaranteeing fringe money means more to them than our country’s success in war.

AP photo.

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Margaret Thatcher Returns to Downing Street

Posted by Mike on September 13, 2007

Margaret Thatcher visited 10 Downing Street today, giving conservatives around the world a pleasant flashback and a momentary mirage of the way things ought to be. What a shame that Gordon wasn’t the one who was just visiting.

There is no consensus over whether Brown’s invitation to the Iron Lady was a shrewd political move. The BBC sees it as a blunder which will offend Labour’s rank and file. Readers at Conservative Home seem to disagree. They think the meeting was brilliant from a Labour point of view, especially given David Cameron’s recent departures from conservative principles.

Like our conservative British friends, I think it was great photo op for the Prime Minister. It will not cause a Labour backlash because left wing mental cases always do as they are told on election day; and conservative supporters will be reminded of the greatness that no longer leads their party. Moreover, Brown’s appearance with the greatest Prime Minister of my lifetime can only lend credibility to his ongoing centrist charade. Brown’s invitation was brilliant.

AP photo

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John Edwards Buys Response Time

Posted by Mike on September 13, 2007

John Edwards has purchased air time on MSNBC to respond to tonight’s Presidential address regarding the recent successes in Iraq. I have to admit I’m a little surprised that MSNBC would actually charge Edwards for airtime since they normally deliver his brand of blind-to-reality propaganda for free. Perhaps the network billed him because they prefer Obama or She Who Must Not Be Named. Maybe they’re strapped for cash given their low ratings. Whatever the reason, MSNBC’s handful of viewers will hear from the Silkster tonight.

On the bright side, at least MSNBC doesn’t offer the New York Slimes discount. The more campaign cash Edwards wastes on networks nobody watches, the better.

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Beating the Defeatists on Iraq

Posted by Ryan on September 13, 2007

In an absolutely brilliant article entitled “Child’s Play in Iraq,” American’s Michael J. O’Shea spells out the spineless nature of many of our elected officials on the issue of Iraq.  Iraq is difficult.  Even today a major Sunni leader who helped galvanize the miracle of Anbar, Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Reesha, was killed by a roadside bomb with Al Qaeda in Iraq’s (AQI) name all over it.  O’Shea uses the analogy of Bill and Melinda Gates’ daughter, who was having trouble tying her shoes, whines a bit, but stuck with it, as having more guts than our Congressional leaders on the issue of Iraq (I’m going to include the RINOs in with the Leftists on that one).  While you should read the whole article, towards the end O’Shea makes a point that really resonated with me:

“Look at Congressional leaders one by one: who among them has convictions as deep as Bin Laden’s? Who among them, like Bin Laden, is unwavering no matter what? 

Jihadists and US troops have one thing in common and one thing alone: they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for something greater than themselves. And Congressional leaders?

Bin Laden sacrifices everything he has — wealth, health — for his beliefs. Belief: that’s Bin Laden’s power. You can see it in his eyes. And Congressional leaders? Beliefs that deep? Eyes that steady, firm?

How many thousand Iraqis will join Al Qaeda when Al Qaeda in Iraq rules over Iraq?

Any Congressional leader who can’t see that Iraqis are dying to live free, that Iraqi security forces are killed serving their country, that Iraq’s politicians need help and American politicians could give it, that the world has looked to America because America has honored its word and stood by its allies no matter what, has a jihad of his own.”

How are we supposed to beat any foe without understanding the sacrifices and the commitments that we have and still have to make?  Too few of our elected officials seem to get it.  This is especially frustrating when listening to the Democrats on Iraq.  Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam are examples of open-ended conflicts that reflect the new 21st century-style warfare against failed states and/or outlaw regimes.  We must learn how to win these kinds of fights or else our enemies will not just have Vietnam and Somalia to draw inspiration from, but Iraq too.  More and more Americans are coming to the realization that there really isn’t a choice when it comes to Iraq:  we must win, or the enemy wins.  We must gauge that and make our choices.  I’m with O’Shea on this one in that some elected officials have made the wrong choice, yet still want to have it both ways.

H/T Rush.

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Mark Warner to Run for Senate

Posted by Mike on September 13, 2007

Fresh on the heels of Senator John Warner’s decision not to run for re-election, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner has announced that he will seek the open seat in 2008.  Warner is expected to run against RINO grandstander Tom Davis.  This series of events has transformed a safe Republican seat into a competitive one that leans in favor of the donkeys.

Warner will be difficult to defeat, not because he is as moderate as everyone says, and not because Virginia is trending Democrat as the media would like everyone to believe; but because he is extremely talented at disguising his liberal beliefs in a cloak of moderation.  His tough rhetoric on taxes will belie his record of increasing them.  He will claim to reject the liberal philosophy that government knows best, but count on him to repeatedly cast the wrong votes if elected.  Mark Warner will pretend to be everything he is not and will oppose a spineless RINO whose record and demeanor will depress conservatives.

Fortunately 2008 is a Presidential election year and yes my liberal friends, Virginia is still a conservative state no matter what Chris Matthews tries to tell you.  She Who Must Not Be Named will lose Virginia, even if she manages to trick most of the other states into voting for her.  Our best hope for this Senate seat is that the GOP candidate can win nationally and bring enough surplus Republicans to the polls in Virginia who will also vote for Davis, even if they are not particularly thrilled to do so.  This race will be an uphill climb however.  For now, this race leans Democrat.

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