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Beating the Defeatists on Iraq

Posted by Ryan on September 13, 2007

In an absolutely brilliant article entitled “Child’s Play in Iraq,” American’s Michael J. O’Shea spells out the spineless nature of many of our elected officials on the issue of Iraq.  Iraq is difficult.  Even today a major Sunni leader who helped galvanize the miracle of Anbar, Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Reesha, was killed by a roadside bomb with Al Qaeda in Iraq’s (AQI) name all over it.  O’Shea uses the analogy of Bill and Melinda Gates’ daughter, who was having trouble tying her shoes, whines a bit, but stuck with it, as having more guts than our Congressional leaders on the issue of Iraq (I’m going to include the RINOs in with the Leftists on that one).  While you should read the whole article, towards the end O’Shea makes a point that really resonated with me:

“Look at Congressional leaders one by one: who among them has convictions as deep as Bin Laden’s? Who among them, like Bin Laden, is unwavering no matter what? 

Jihadists and US troops have one thing in common and one thing alone: they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for something greater than themselves. And Congressional leaders?

Bin Laden sacrifices everything he has — wealth, health — for his beliefs. Belief: that’s Bin Laden’s power. You can see it in his eyes. And Congressional leaders? Beliefs that deep? Eyes that steady, firm?

How many thousand Iraqis will join Al Qaeda when Al Qaeda in Iraq rules over Iraq?

Any Congressional leader who can’t see that Iraqis are dying to live free, that Iraqi security forces are killed serving their country, that Iraq’s politicians need help and American politicians could give it, that the world has looked to America because America has honored its word and stood by its allies no matter what, has a jihad of his own.”

How are we supposed to beat any foe without understanding the sacrifices and the commitments that we have and still have to make?  Too few of our elected officials seem to get it.  This is especially frustrating when listening to the Democrats on Iraq.  Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam are examples of open-ended conflicts that reflect the new 21st century-style warfare against failed states and/or outlaw regimes.  We must learn how to win these kinds of fights or else our enemies will not just have Vietnam and Somalia to draw inspiration from, but Iraq too.  More and more Americans are coming to the realization that there really isn’t a choice when it comes to Iraq:  we must win, or the enemy wins.  We must gauge that and make our choices.  I’m with O’Shea on this one in that some elected officials have made the wrong choice, yet still want to have it both ways.

H/T Rush.


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