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Bush Reacts to Petraeus

Posted by Ryan on September 13, 2007

President Bush gave his eighth primetime address tonight accepting the recommendations of General David Petraeus on the current and future course of Iraq.  Essentially, Bush said that troop levels will be at pre-Surge levels by next summer, with nearly 6000 coming home by Christmas who will not be replaced.  However, the President stipulated that troop reductions will be determined by success, not by mere artificial timelines.  Also, Bush insinuated that we’re probably going to need a more permanent base in Iraq, like we have in Kuwait, Qatar, and the Emirates, which means a commitment to that country and region long after his presidency.  Bush’s performance was typical: tough to watch, filled with principles (like the ellusive democratization of the Mideast region-type stuff) that the average American may be getting tired of, and probably will be the last time we’ll see him until he pardons the turkey on Thanksgiving.

The Democrat response was given by the rather short Jack Reed of Rhode Island.  Reed ignored the successes of the Petraeus report and focused on cut-and-run talking points and the acceleration of failure as a policy we need:  this is what being a Democrat can do to an ex-Army Ranger, so watch out you folks in uniform for you too could be a Democrat shill one day.  I was insulted with his open disdain for the report and the President which was very unstatesman-like given the national audience. 

I don’t think it was good politics either.  The Republicans have new verve in their support the progress in Iraq.  Even McCain is out there with a revitalized message on his “No Surrender” tour, whose sole purpose is to knock the Democrats.  All the other Republican candidates are out there putting the Democrats on notice for being against success and generally not condemning the Moveon ad the other day.  Yet, Reed, Reid (Harry) and Pelosi are ready to finally enact their fringe-base’s wish to end the war with dishonor.  It boggles my mind!  I’ve been wondering since November 2006 why the Democrats have not tried to frame Iraq as a victory that they secured: thereby usurping the national security issue away from Republicans next year.  Yet, do they believe that producing failure in Iraq is the best way to achieve that same goal?  Either the Congressional leadership is just plain dumb, or that guaranteeing fringe money means more to them than our country’s success in war.

AP photo.


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