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Mark Warner to Run for Senate

Posted by Mike on September 13, 2007

Fresh on the heels of Senator John Warner’s decision not to run for re-election, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner has announced that he will seek the open seat in 2008.  Warner is expected to run against RINO grandstander Tom Davis.  This series of events has transformed a safe Republican seat into a competitive one that leans in favor of the donkeys.

Warner will be difficult to defeat, not because he is as moderate as everyone says, and not because Virginia is trending Democrat as the media would like everyone to believe; but because he is extremely talented at disguising his liberal beliefs in a cloak of moderation.  His tough rhetoric on taxes will belie his record of increasing them.  He will claim to reject the liberal philosophy that government knows best, but count on him to repeatedly cast the wrong votes if elected.  Mark Warner will pretend to be everything he is not and will oppose a spineless RINO whose record and demeanor will depress conservatives.

Fortunately 2008 is a Presidential election year and yes my liberal friends, Virginia is still a conservative state no matter what Chris Matthews tries to tell you.  She Who Must Not Be Named will lose Virginia, even if she manages to trick most of the other states into voting for her.  Our best hope for this Senate seat is that the GOP candidate can win nationally and bring enough surplus Republicans to the polls in Virginia who will also vote for Davis, even if they are not particularly thrilled to do so.  This race will be an uphill climb however.  For now, this race leans Democrat.


3 Responses to “Mark Warner to Run for Senate”

  1. BillT said

    According to Patrick Rufini at Hugh Hewitt – , Warner fears a Rep named Eric Cantor. Looks like the seat may be hotly contested, but could lean elephant before all is said and done.

  2. Mike said

    Hi Bill:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Cantor’s running. Even if he does, Warner will still be favored.

    That said, I hope Cantor takes the plunge. He’d have a better shot of winning the seat than Davis and would make a better Senator. Although Warner is favored over all, Virginia is a red state and is not turning into Massachusetts despite what some believe.

  3. Chris said

    I think that Davis could pull this one out. True that Warner was popular as governor and has a very good shot, but remember that Tom Davis represents most of Fairfax County, one of the major Democrat counties of VA (Arlington/Alexandria and Loudoun being the others…all outside of Washinton DC and all Congressman Jim Moron’s…district). While Davis may be a RINO, he does a lot for his district and I think they will remember that. As a result, he’ll win his district, the majority of Fairfax Co and the rest of GOP VA will hold their noses and vote for him. The gossip in VA was that Warner did not run for president in 2008 because of a possible extra-marrital affair in his past…we’ll see how this could impact the race. It will be close, but Davis will win.

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