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Ayatollah Assahollah

Posted by Ryan on September 14, 2007

Leader of Iran’s theocratic ruling council, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned the United States that our leaders (especially Bush) will be tried for crimes in Iraq one day in the future, just like Hitler and Saddam were removed from power and faced consequences (does he get his talking points from Dennis Kuchinich or Ron Paul?  Just wondering).  He also said that the non-nuclear, tranquil Iranian nation has foiled American “conspiracies” and will continue to do so.  He’s at least correct in that they are thwarting us.  Khamenei believes that open discussion about Iraq, like the kind General Petraeus gave this week, is a sign of weakness and failed policy.  Khamenei is cool with banning hundreds of policitcal parties, fomenting terrorism and insurgencies, suppressing his people, and calling for the utter destruction of Israel.  Paradise, huh?  Yet, some on the radical Left share this point of view about the failed policy and the war crimes of our leaders, saying that if Israel could have nukes, then ask why shouldn’t Iran.  They don’t read much do they.

Iran should be mindful of its standing in the region– Israel (those supposedly “hated” Jews) Wednesday bombed military targets in the nation of Syria and there has been NO significant outcry from the area.  Huh?  Why not?  The Arab nations in the region realize that this was a strike on Iranian interests, so they can accept Israel hitting Iran’s proxy or its interests.  Iran scares the heck out of most of the region.  I’m not even sure Jordan or Iraq is going to care if Israel uses their airspace to hit Iran’s nuke sites at some point in the future.  If Israel can hit them, you can bet we’d be in good standing in the region if we decide to join or help them in a bombing campaign.

The Ayatollah’s speech marked the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.  Since it’s Ramadan, it unfortunately means to the extremists that if a Muslim dies in jihad, they go straight to heaven.  The gates are swung open to all, including the murders who’d use God’s name to kill innocents.  So, expect AQI to go nuts this month (they’ve already assassinated a major Sunni leader in Anbar), as well as the IRG, Hezbollah, and/or the Mahdi Army.  Also, a stampede or a major bombing in the Shia holy city of Karbala is probably going to drape the news until October.

Title of post is borrowed from a shirt owned by Ned Flanders.


3 Responses to “Ayatollah Assahollah”

  1. Mike said

    I wonder if the Ayatollah realizes he just admitted that the holocaust really happened. Oops.

  2. opit said

    If you check around and about Assyrian International News, you can find cached tales of Iran assisting Jews to escape Nazis in WW II. They also had a chap who was known as “The Jews Friend”. I was tipped off to that source by the wife of a USAF officer who had been stationed in the area.

  3. Ryan said

    The Persian culture is a proud and important one going back thousands of years. After World War II, the CIA helped to rig elections and foment a rebellion against Iran’s leader to install the US-friendly Shah in the joint US-British Operation Ajax. The Shah had been imposing western values on a nation that didn’t like his brutal tactics. Eventually, when revolution came the reactionary elements took charge and have maintained control over there ever since. Rafsajani and Khatami tread cautiously throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, but Ahmadinejad is different– a true believer who owes his success to the system to which he has been so loyal making him ostensibly a willing puppet of Khamenei and the council. Whatever Iran was before 1979, it is a very different thing now.

    Khamenei and the Islamic council in Iran are part of the Qum extremist philosophy that won out amongst the ruling religious class after the IRG took the US hostages from the college students on November 6, 1979 as “guests of the Ayatollah.” They believe that 12th century-style Islam will create a world where the Mahdi (savior) will want to come and redeem Islam. The problem is that they are tinkering with the Shia’s own philosophy that this return cannot be forced (kind of like how Christians believe Christ will return, but he’s not going to tell them exactly when that’s going to happen). They want to force it. If betraying the world community by getting a nuke and using it on Israel will accelerate the return of the idyllic 12th century world of Islam, then in the end all the destruction and suffering is worth it: they’re going to heaven while their enemies are going to hell, so it’s win-win in their eyes. Ayatollah al Sistani in Iraq is part of the Qum crowd that reject the forceful nature of the Madhi’s return, seeing that point of view as bordering on heretical.

    I hope the people of Iran demand their government be accountable before the breaking point. I fear that if airstrikes occur, we’d evoke the long-standing and strong sense of Persian nationalism against us. It’s potentially worth the risk, being that less than 60% of Iran is even Persian at all and there are plenty of Arabs over there too. But I don’t want 2007 or any other year to have a historical parallel to 1938.

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