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Giuliani Fights Back

Posted by Ryan on September 15, 2007

After She Who Must Not Be Named essentially called General Petraeus an administration shill and liar, Rudy Giuliani fired back.  As it goes, SWMNBN didn’t seem to get around to condemning the “General Betray-Us” ad put out in the New York Times on Monday.  Coupled with her insulting string of questions to Petraeus, Giuliani had enough and acted quickly and decisively.  He pressured the Times into giving him the same Moveon discount and ad placement.  He also launched an Internet ad on his campaign website that uses SWMNBN’s own words against her, demanding that she apologize. 

SWMNBN’s campaign played the victim card by calling it dirty politics, ducking the message of the ad altogether in a typical Clintonian m.o.  It’s more brilliant than dirty.  For one, Giuliani realizes that she’s going to be the Democrat nominee and to chip away at her credibility and show he’s not afraid of her this early is great.  Also, he keeps this issue in the news longer than the MSM wants it to be there, which is also great and timed well to be on the minds of many on the Sunday talk shows.  Finally, he showed that he will take the fight to his political enemy– leftist extreme groups and leftist Democrat candidates who insult the troops and their miltary leaders.  We don’t see nearly enough of this high-profile stuff from the Republicans.  I think Giuliani launched himself into the story of this week in a politically savvy way.  I still can’t vote for him in the primaries due to prinicple and my own personal political views, but I like his approach. 

Photo from flapsblog.


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