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MoveOn’s Mirror Image

Posted by Mike on September 18, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named has no chance of tricking the country into electing her to the Presidency next year if she does not successfully contrast herself with the more radical elements of the Democrat Party. Let’s be honest; that was the real reason she voted the right way on the Iraq War resolution in the first place. After her primary coronation, count on the media to use that vote to portray her as a centrist hawk who courageously stood up to her party’s kook fringe. It will be her “Sister Soljah moment.”

Some are already trying to make that case. Fred Siegel is arguing that Rudy Giuliani’s attack against SWMNBN for her recent failure to disavow’s disgraceful ad against General Petraeus in the New York Slimes will, in addition to bolstering the Mayor’s chances, serve to provide SWMNBN with the foil she needs to appear mainstream next November. The problem with this argument is that Rudy’s shot across the bow does nothing of the sort.

SWMNBN’s silence on the ad will remind the country that deep down, she is the same left-wing radical who “graced” Wellesley’s campus during the 1960s. The fact that she supported the war could have helped her shed her radical image if she had not switched her position and reverted back to her old hippie (and hippy) ways. SWMNBN’s refusal to disavow Moveon will not cause voters to see the two as separate. Now that the Soros group and opportunistic candidate are singing the same tune, people will see them as two peas in a pod. Or to borrow a phrase from a famous fictional depiction of SWMNBN’s beloved 1960s; they are like peas and carrots.

Link via RealClearPolitics

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