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Lincoln Chafee Leaves the Republican Party

Posted by Ryan on September 19, 2007

Without too much fanfare, Rhode Island’s favorite ex-cokehead Republican, Lincoln Chafee, decided to bolt the party last “June or July.”  Saying, “It’s not my party anymore,” begs the question: when was it ever your party?  He’s currently unaffiliated, but that isn’t much of a change either.  He was the definition of a RINO which is what prompted me to call and get on the Sean Hannity Radio Show a few years ago about his waffling on the issues and his lack of reliability back before the 2002 Election.  He wasn’t a good Republican, and could not even survive the one thing that I used to believe was why he was a Republican at all– to avoid a primary fight.  Due to his ridiculously RINO status, in 2006 he got a primary fight and lost the general.

Yet, the national party supported Chafee over former Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey, who was much more conservative, because it was deemed that Chafee was the only Republican who could have won in Rhode Island.   Laffey has since said that this kind of philosophical approach by the Republicans depressed turnout in 2006 not all over the place.  I have to agree:  I donated less money in 2006 than I have since I was in college, even writing to the local and national Republicans to complain and explain why they didn’t get my cash.  With Chafee gone, the party is not going to suffer in Rhode Island (or anywhere) as this really looks like sour grapes.


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