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Illegals Driving in New York

Posted by Ryan on September 21, 2007

New York Governor Democrat Eliot Spitzer cheered his move today to give access to all illegal aliens who do not have driver’s licenses, licenses by not requiring proof of citizenship or a social security number in the state of New York.  Yet another reward that a Northeastern, liberal state is giving to those who have broken the law and burden the education and health care system, while keeping real wages low for millions of low-wage citizen-workers around the nation. 

The illegal aliens are not stupid.  They’re in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington (state), Oregon and Idaho, etc. for a reason.  If they stayed in Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Texas, they’d be booted real quick.  So, word on the ground has it that the illegals try to be taken as far away from the border as possible, thinking that the locals in the Northeast and Northwest will not make such a big deal about deporting them since the borders are so far away and such an abstract thing to natives so far away from the southern border. 

Hmm… then, you add the bleeding heart.  To the illegal’s surprise, the Northeastern and Northwestern states have actually accommodated them with sanctuary cities (NYC, Hightstown, NJ, etc.), with in-state tuition breaks, with credit card access, and now in New York’s case, with driver’s licenses.  They’re even making their way into the health care debate.  Those 45-50 million uninsured Americans the Dems keep talking about happen to include about 12-15 million illegal aliens whose healthcare the Dems want our taxpayer money to subsidize!  And getting all this while breaking the law–it almost sounds nice being an alien.  The Eliot Spitzer’s of the world astound me; they’re either severely dimwitted or politically shrewd, hoping for the day when illegals get the vote– and you know what party they’d come out to support, which kind of makes one think. 

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