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The UN’s New Iraq Cheerleading Squad

Posted by Ryan on September 23, 2007

This is one of the things that really bugs me about the United Nations:  Iraq is showing real signs of improvement, so the UN’s thinking about increasing their presence in Iraq.  So, let me get this straight:  the country’s security is noticeably better, so they feel like “the time for determined, collective action has come.”  That sounds like sending in the fire brigade once the house is almost finished burning down, since they don’t want their folks to be in any danger.  What’s the point?

Iraq has needed real help over the last four years, but the UN ran away once they were hit by terrorists back in 2003.  Why have an international organization if they aren’t going to help when people need it?  Oh, the UN is there (with huge amounts of American help) every time there’s an earthquake, tsunami or disease epidemic, but on security issues (you know, the issue that matters most to people in the long-run) the UN has a horrible record.  They are watching Darfur’s genocide, just like they watched Rwanda, East Timor, and Cambodia.  The UN acquiesces while al Qaeda kills civilians all over Iraq, and during all the Sunni/Shia violence, ethnic cleansing and refugee crisis, etc. 

How is one to respect an organization that is supposed to be there to assist in international security and stability, while they watch Iraq crumble because of a “you-broke-it-you-fix-it” grudge against the United States?  Good thing the Iraqis have eventually gotten serious about their own security.  I’m glad the UN decided that an Iraq life is worth something and have decided to send in help, but it’s too little too late in my opinion.  Thanks, but for what: deciding that being a cheerleader can do more good than strapping on some pads and playing in the game until you’re sure you’re going to win?  Tell that to the million dead in Rwanda or the thousands dead in Darfur, and gauge how they feel about the UN’s policy of bloody acquiescence.

Iraqi TV photo.

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