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Choking While Having Her Cake and Eating It Too

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2007

A grim mood has gripped the country. No, it isn’t the weather. She Who Must Not Be Named made the rounds yesterday and appeared on just about every one of the major networks in her bid to trick the American people into voting for her. If you think the resulting dark mist just clearing up now is bad, just imagine if she is allowed to assume the most powerful position on earth and usher in a new era of “always winter but never Christmas.” OK. Enough with the Rowling and Lewis imagery.

SWMNBN did indeed make the rounds yesterday and showed that her arrogance clearly knows no bounds. Her recent refusal to condemn Moveon’s disgraceful attack on General Petraeus is common knowledge by now, as is her vote against the Senate resolution condemning the ad. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her from deceptively trying to create the impression that she is not one pea in Moveon’s pod. Staying true to her love of buffets, she tried to have her cake and eat it too. Too bad for her this isn’t the 1990s anymore. The networks and CNN aren’t the only games in town.

Newsweek photo via MSNBC

One Response to “Choking While Having Her Cake and Eating It Too”

  1. Ryan said

    In She Who Must Not Be Named’s attempt to breed dementors around the nation, she looked polished (as if she needed training to be able to talk to people) and she avoided answering the tough questions in a stereotypically politician-like avoidance of the issue, especially the Moveon ad. Why must she get a pat on the back for not being overtly hideous or just looking normal (minus that laugh!).

    Notice that her husband told the Dems to avoid Fox News because of the Chris Wallace interview, but it’s OK for her to go on– kind of like she was brave enough to take on Fox while the others cringed at the thought. They are so transparent. While the Dems sit in a hushed awe when the Clintons pass by, I have to ask: what are they smoking? These people are shallow slimeballs.

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