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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Goes to Columbia

Posted by Ryan on September 24, 2007

Iranian President (and radical Islamist rube) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University today.  Did they have the right to invite him?  Yes.  Should the United States have restricted Mahmoud’s visa to the hotel, UN building, and airport?  Yes.  Should Columbia have invited him?  No, I don’t think so.  There’s a difference between embracing different viewpoints and hearing the contrarian point of view in the interest of an intellectual exchange of ideas, with giving a microphone to a man who’s the head of a government that has funded the killing of hundreds of US soldiers, ostensibly denies the Holocaust and threatens the world with potential nuclear violence.  It’s like Hitler and Khrushchev all rolled up into one!

Today at Columbia, Mahmoud essentially said the following:

  • To begin, he knocked Lee Bollinger, who gave him a chilly reception.  Fair enough, but part of the deal was to be asked tough questions.
  • His country does not support terrorism, while America does support terrorism against Iran of all countries.
  • The Holocaust is a myth and more research needs to go into whether or not it truly happened.
  • Homosexuality is a “phenomenon” that does not happen in his country.  The CBC thinks otherwise.
  • The US and Iran can be buddies, but it is the US that has to change, not Iran.
  • 9/11 could have been an inside job… or not.  He’s not sure yet.
  • “We love all nations.”  Oh yeah?  Ducking the issue on his previous statements about the destruction of Israel, he kept focusing on the Palestinians.  To those of you who don’t know, the Palestinians are undeservedly considered the white-trash slack-jawed yokels of the Arab world: no one wants them, no one likes them, and they embarrassed the Arab world until about 1948.  However, they are a great way to deflect the suffering of one’s own people for a scapegoated hatred of the Jews.  By relating things to the Palestinians, Mahmoud is prodding the Arab nations, who despize Iran anyway since they’re Persian not Arab, Shia not Sunni, and going nuclear not getting along.

Mahmoud’s visit has caused many people to have a strong reaction.  His Ground Zero talk inflamed people all over, perhaps even more than the Columbia speech.  Americans view Ground Zero as sacred, hallowed ground and a known terrorist sponsor wanting to visit is obscene to many.  I wouldn’t let him if I were in the authorities because, amongst other reasons, I couldn’t account for his safety.  Word has it he’s not going to go despite the chatter.

As for Columbia University:  I hope the alumni have been paying attention, especially if they donate.

AP photo.


5 Responses to “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Goes to Columbia”

  1. rightonoz said

    I know there’s free speech in the US (as long as you don’t criticize the war) but this is going too far!

  2. Chris said

    It truly sickens me that Columbia University would invite the terrorist, Holocaust-denying president of Iran to speak there before they would invite a conservative, or actually let a conservative speak without some little liberal so-called student who is spending his parents’ hard-earned money to throw a pie at that conservative speaker…so much for a free exchange of ideas.

    Good point, Ryan, about the hope that the rich Columbia alumni are paying attention. Lee Bolinger’s dressing down of Mahmoud was just window dressing as he was thinking about the alumni funds that will be drying up. Do I think that Bollinger really meant what he said? Honestly, I’m not sure…the fact that he gave this murderer a voice on campus speaks a thousant words. I know that I sure as heck would stop giving money to my alma mater if they ever invited a murderer to speak there…and I’m sure Bollinger knows that too.

    And the comment about homosexuality not happening in Iran…there aren’t any left because his government will kill or imprison them.

  3. Mike said

    Right Oz:

    People who oppose the war have no free speech rights. Our Gov’t is doing such a great job suppressing them that we never hear a peep out of them. Sheesh.

    True that on Ahmadinejad though. Sometimes speech can go beyond mere speech, like when it is a verbal act. This is too much.

  4. Mike said

    You’ll love this Oz.

    Bush was cool with Ahmadinejad going to Columbia. You’re more hawkish and to the right of our President on something!

    he he he

  5. rightonoz said

    Just so you know how hawkish I can get at the right time.

    Ahmadinejad is one guy I would gladly have our SAS (Special Air Service – like your Seals/Special Ops only MUCH scarier!) boys do a number on.

    Come to think of it bomb the crap out of the whole place and start again.

    I’ve always said we should not have had Iraq and kept our troops primed to sort these bastards.

    If I’m to the right of GWB on that I am happy to be counted as such!

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