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Katie Couric Finally Reveals Her Views on Iraq

Posted by Mike on September 26, 2007

Wow! Apparently Katie Couric opposes the Iraq War. Who knew? It’s a good thing she successfully hid her bias throughout the years in all of those informative and objective pieces on the conflict. If she wasn’t so talented at leaving her worldview at the door, her ratings at CBS would never have been as high as they . . .

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Reuters photo

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Trouble in Burma

Posted by Ryan on September 26, 2007

You are the army of the people.  We are feeding you.  Be just to us.”

The military junta of Burma (which they call Myanmar) has begun a crackdown of pro-democracy forces, including a protest march led by Buddhist monks.  The catalyst of the latest popular outburst was a huge increase in fuel costs that have begun to hurt the average person in a country that has been politically unstable since 1962.  The ruling junta had better be careful gunning down monks; the martyr effect could make the next few days very volatile in the Southeast Asia nation and we all remember what happened in Vietnam back in 1963 when the Buddhist monks fought back. 

Images of the bloodied monks are being plastered all over the world.  America has promised to stiffen sanctions, 27 members of the European Union have also condemned the act, but only China stands in the way of a swift UN Security Council Resolution to confront the Burmese Myanmar military government over their actions.  If China condemns the junta, then China’s own oppressive domestic practices will be called into question.  If anything, China wants economic and social stability in the run-up to the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.  As such, China and Burma are huge trading partners in the region.  With China it’s all about image and money over the rights of the people to assemble and express their grievances.

AP photo.

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Dan Rather Targets Bush– and Will Lose Again

Posted by Ryan on September 26, 2007

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather (or Dan Rather-biased as he was called by conservatives throughout his CBS career) may potentially call both Bush 41 and Dubya as witnesses in Rather’s lawsuit against CBS.  Rather claims he was “squeezed out” of CBS following the blow-back from those false Mary Mapes-inspired National Guard memos leading up to the 2004 Election.  The memos were obviously not authentic, written some time later due to the specific Times New Roman font that was used on the memos not being in existence at the time they were alleged to have been typed.  CBS and Rather should have vetted them out much more thoroughly, not listened to Mary Mapes (whose Abu Graib story, according to Bill Sammon in Strategery, directly led to Zarqawi’s justification for beheading Nick Berg), and kept his opinions out of journalism in this case.  Four CBS higher-ups were let go as a result of this episode.  The documents were falsified, run anyway, and did permanent damage to the journalistic integrity of the CBS News organization.

Old news?

Nah, this is a fallen Mainstream Media Icon!  Rather wanted the memos to be real, almost willing them to be real before our very eyes and in the face of mounting evidence against their integrity.  It was both sad and comic.  He still wants them to be real, ready to hold back tears and pine over his failed search for the truth in interviews to this day.  He even thinks it might take down Bush, or drag him into the mud.  What’s Bush going to say that would change anything anyway?  He was there, did his hours, and missed his other appointments… because he already logged the hours and didn’t need to show up, which was an acceptable practice at the time.  It’s not that complicated.  Too much for Dan Rather, though, who’s apparently still paying the price for his liberal media bias.   

AP photo.

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