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Conservatives Nominate Boris Johnson for Mayor of London

Posted by Mike on September 27, 2007

Boris Johnson has been elected as the Conservative candidate in next year’s election for Mayor of London. His main opponent will be current Mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone.

For those unfamiliar with Johnson, he is a Tory who looks like Doc Brown, writes like Ann Coulter, and is as entertaining as Bob Dornan. He may not be in the same mold as many American conservatives (e.g. he opposes the war in Iraq War), but his habit of attacking the media and nanny state leftists in ways that will have you on the floor laughing makes his campaign worth following. His celebrity status also gives him a reasonable chance of defeating the repulsive Livingstone.

Even if you’re not usually interested in what our British Conservative friends are up to, be sure to check out Boris’ website every now and then for some thought-provoking commentary and even some cheap laughs. You might not always agree with him, but you will appreciate his approach. He would make a much better Mayor than Red Ken. I hope he wins.

Reuters photo

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She Who Must Not Be Named Gets Caught in a Flip-Flop

Posted by Ryan on September 27, 2007

In case you were wondering, She Who Must Not Be Named is an honest to goodness flip-flopper on the really important issue of torture/advanced interrogation techniques.  Last night in the New Hampshire Democrat debate she decided to rely on the MSM’s penchant for ignoring anything she has said before the moment she is in front of you.  Bad move.  Tim Russert was a little more shrewd when asking the field about the “ticking time-bomb” scenario, taking her to task about her previous statements on torture.

When pushed about the “ticking time-bomb” scenario she said in October that “if we’re going to be preparing for the kind of improbable but possible eventuality, then it has to be done within the rule of law.”  This happened to be her husband’s position, as well as her stated position until last night when O’Bama and Edwards got all lefty on her. 

So last night her new position was: “It cannot be American policy, period.”  No?  Not at all?  Even while the bomb’s ticking in an American city?  No Jack Bauer to call… period?  Boy, I sure want her to lead my country in a War on Terror!

Pandering?  Yes.  Caught in a flip-flop?  Yes.  Nice.  Now, will the Republicans run with this?  Who knows?  Maybe the Republicans will fear her like her opponents do or maybe they’ll seize the opportunity.

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Teaching Gay Fairy Tales to Second Graders

Posted by Ryan on September 27, 2007

Simply put, teaching gay fairy tales to second graders seems obscene to me.  My problem with this story and its fallout is that I believe that kids should still have some sexual innocence before they turn eight.  The story “King & King” is not surprisingly a Dutch tale that was translated into English and read to a second grade class in Lexington, Massachusetts.  By the way, teaching it was upheld by a liberal Massachusetts judge that was cool with teaching material, even though parents were not happy with it. 

Polly Prissy Pants himself, John Edwards, doesn’t seem to have a problem with it; for that matter, neither did any of the Democrats.  In fact Edwards seems to think that little second graders should understand the plight of gays and feel part of society’s guilt about the issue, while at the same time not wanting to force kids to make a biased decision about the issue.  In last night’s Democrat Debate, Barack O’Bama said that his wife teaches their own 6- and 9-year old daughters about gay marriage, while She Who Must Not Be Named actually had the most sensible (if coached) answer, letting the parents decide on that issue. 

Mitt Romney was alarmed that the Dems would not object to young kids being taught about such things at such a young age.  I’m with Mitt.  At least leave it for middle school health class when they have the capacity to at least contemplate the basic underlying issue.  Is it OK to expose kids to any kind of sexuality in Grade 2, especially when most of them still believe the difference between boys and girls is long hair?  Essentially, morals aside, what is the educational value of teaching concepts and ideas to kids who have no idea what you’re talking about beyond a vague sense of distinction, except to assert one’s own extreme political ideology to young children?

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World has another point of view that may show where we’d go without getting some sense here: just have children play sexual games with each other, have sex with whoever they want in adolescence, and take drugs to numb them until they die sometime in their 30s before they get too old and wrinkly.  Scary, but impossible?  Just a thought.

Tricycle Press picture.

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“American Solutions” Part 1 Tonight

Posted by Ryan on September 27, 2007

Newt Gingrich’s “American Solutions for Winning the Future” conference begins tonight at 7pm EDT from Atlanta, Georgia.  The purpose of this conference is to get ideas from all over the country on ways of solving America’s many problems.  Obviously, this will have a right-of-center spin, because like I have been saying for years, the real, truly innovative ideas and problem identification is occurring on the right in American politics, not on the left.  The right’s views have not been flawless, but at least they are talking about solutions, not the same ol’ inside the box solutions.  The box is broken and the people are losing faith in their government’s ability to function properly or effectively. 

The left wants to dwell on a 43-year old 1964 big government playbook and a 35-year old 1972 anti-war playbook, which they think may finally come into its own in 2008.  It is from the right that Social Security reform, tax reform, being on offense in the War on Terror, and borders-first notions are coming from.  Newt’s venue tonight and Saturday afternoon seeks to get the dialogue moving on these and other important issues.  All the findings and ideas for the workshops will be sent to the major candidates of both parties for their perusal. 

I think it’s worth checking out if you’re able to see it.  Check the site for local listings tonight and Saturday afternoon.

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