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Teaching Gay Fairy Tales to Second Graders

Posted by Ryan on September 27, 2007

Simply put, teaching gay fairy tales to second graders seems obscene to me.  My problem with this story and its fallout is that I believe that kids should still have some sexual innocence before they turn eight.  The story “King & King” is not surprisingly a Dutch tale that was translated into English and read to a second grade class in Lexington, Massachusetts.  By the way, teaching it was upheld by a liberal Massachusetts judge that was cool with teaching material, even though parents were not happy with it. 

Polly Prissy Pants himself, John Edwards, doesn’t seem to have a problem with it; for that matter, neither did any of the Democrats.  In fact Edwards seems to think that little second graders should understand the plight of gays and feel part of society’s guilt about the issue, while at the same time not wanting to force kids to make a biased decision about the issue.  In last night’s Democrat Debate, Barack O’Bama said that his wife teaches their own 6- and 9-year old daughters about gay marriage, while She Who Must Not Be Named actually had the most sensible (if coached) answer, letting the parents decide on that issue. 

Mitt Romney was alarmed that the Dems would not object to young kids being taught about such things at such a young age.  I’m with Mitt.  At least leave it for middle school health class when they have the capacity to at least contemplate the basic underlying issue.  Is it OK to expose kids to any kind of sexuality in Grade 2, especially when most of them still believe the difference between boys and girls is long hair?  Essentially, morals aside, what is the educational value of teaching concepts and ideas to kids who have no idea what you’re talking about beyond a vague sense of distinction, except to assert one’s own extreme political ideology to young children?

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World has another point of view that may show where we’d go without getting some sense here: just have children play sexual games with each other, have sex with whoever they want in adolescence, and take drugs to numb them until they die sometime in their 30s before they get too old and wrinkly.  Scary, but impossible?  Just a thought.

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4 Responses to “Teaching Gay Fairy Tales to Second Graders”

  1. Nurse Duncan said

    We live in a hypersexual world. Kids don’t need to be taught anything more than the health and legal issues regarding there sexual behavior. Besides, kids have plenty of role models from which to choose such as Ken and Barbie, Sponge Bob and Patrick, Mickey and Minnie, their two dads, their two moms, their dad with many woman who stay over, their mom with many men who stay over, any celebrity couple, Romeo and Juliet, and the not-so-forgotten traditional mother and father who are still married. If they can teach homosexual fairytales to 2nd graders, why can’t they teach them about a group sex fairy tale? Beastiality? Let’s not forgot about all forms of sexuality across the S&M spectrum right?……..This is just wrong. I think these adults are taking advantage of these children by subjecting them to this kind of fairy tale in order to push their own personal agenda. They should be ashamed of themselves. If they can teach 2nd graders about gayness in reading, maybe they can teach them gayness in math, science, history, music, art, sports, and foreign languages too, right?

  2. wickle said

    My question is … what’s wrong with the pervert administrator who looked at a 2nd grade curriculum and thought, “You know, this needs more sex”?

  3. Ryan said

    Right on and funny/scary!


  4. gina said

    The truth is that sexual identity develops for different children at different ages. If you lead children to believe that the only true relationships are heterosexual relationships you are doing these children harm. If you can’t have gay fairy tales why is it okay to have heterosexual fairy tales? Sounds like you’re a smidge homophobic to me.

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