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Newt Stays Out of the Race

Posted by Ryan on September 30, 2007

Newt Gingrich announced yesterday that he would not be running for President because among other reasons McCain-Feingold would not allow him to both run for the White House and continue to head American Solutions.  Also, he required that $30 million be raised in the next quarter for his prospective campaign, which would be an unprecedented amount.  By announcing that he’s out on the same day as his American Solutions conference, he’s drawing attention to his organization in a very high-profile way.  He has definitely chosen his path.

Conservatives like myself have been wondering if (and hoping that) Newt was going to jump in all year.  If one could look past his previous marital infidelities and the media’s political hackjob which ruined his image during the 1990s, his ideas and initiatives would have made him the clearest philosophical thinker in the race even potentially an immediate frontrunner: his conservative values and his understanding that Republicans need to both be the party of change and distance themselves from Bush in order to win would give him an edge.  He would even take She Who Must Not Be Named to the woodshed in the debates.

But, alas, he’s not going to enter.  I can respect that.  He might have lost the party’s nomination and probably would not have beaten SWMNBN in the general, while simultaneously giving up on a project that he thinks can affect real change in America.  I watched most of yesterday’s workshops online and the ideas and problem-identification all made sense– not partisan sense, but common sense.  I think he could have more of an impact staying out, pushing his ideas at the grassroots level, influencing Congressional races, mayors, states and eventually the Beltway.  If he runs and loses, I think his legitimacy would be hurt, despite the strength of his ideas.  Newt’s place in the race now: absent, but not gone.

Pic from Cleveland Leader.

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