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Rush Limbaugh Calls out Harry Reid

Posted by Ryan on October 1, 2007

Rush Limbaugh called out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for proposing a letter to be signed by as many Senators as possible to the CEO of Clear Channel Communications, asking him to make Rush apologize for remarks covered in an earlier blog post here at AOR.

To quote from Rush’s show today while all this was going on:

Well, somebody needs to tell him I did apologize to the troops earlier today, FOR him and FOR the Democrats and FOR the group that has fed this smear campaign, this bunch of lies that he knows is false, but he just wants to get this in the Congressional Record now.  This is in the Congressional Record, and he wants it there permanently.  This is a way to discredit me and rehabilitate the Democrats — and notice who they use to try to rehabilitate themselves: a private citizen.  I would say this.  What I want to do now is demand that Harry Reid come on this program and confront me like a man. Live, unedited, come on this show and let’s go at it.  I’m not going to allow hack politicians to lie about what I said, to cover up what they have said and done.  These are partisan character assassins.  They’ve attacked me just as in the past they’ve attacked Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and scores of other conservatives.  Senator Reid, it is time for you to stop hiding behind the speech-and-debate clause and your Senate immunity. ” 

Reid will obviously not take Limbaugh’s offer, but I have to agree with Rush that this is a political hatchet job taken to unnecessarily high levels.  Using the Senate floor and Congressional Record as a platform to mock a private citizen when the facts are purposefully being misrepresented for political gain is disturbing.  ABC World News Tonight with Charlie Gibsonactually did the “phony soldier” story that spotlighted Jesse MacBeth in the first place.  Rush was repeating that concept of soldiers misrepresenting their service then mocking the mission as being dishonest.  Rush was taken out of context and his critics ran with it, but having the Senate debate this point today on the floor takes Reid to a new level of impropriety in my opinion. 

Rush believes that this is partially an attempt to exact revenge on the Right for the Senate resolution condemning Moveon last week.  That would be even more disturbing if true– kowtowing to Moveon in such a manner on the Senate floor would be disgusting in my opinion given what the revenge play would be in response to a slanderous ad on a General in harms way.  Others think that this is a stealth Fairness Doctrine tactic to get Rush off of Armed Forces Radio, making it the government’s business to interfere in this case.  We’ll have to see how this all plays out.  

H/T Drudge.

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